Van Ellewee, S. P.

My Great Grandfather Stephanus Petrus van Ellewee and my great uncle Frans Johannes van Ellewee.
Photo restored and colorized by Restoring and Coloring Old Family Pictures. (Facebook group)

Back: My Great Grandmother Christina (Chrissie) Philippina Margaretha Truter (1861- 1943), my grandmother (Ouma) Pieteriza Cilliers (7.10.01- 7.7.1992)
and my Great Grandfather Stephanus Petrus van Ellewee (24.10.1844-3.3.1927 (Age 83)
Front: Two of their other children Johanna Petronella Maria (Magritha) (1905-1985) and Frans Johannes van Ellewee (1903-1963).
The photo was possibly taken at Vanrhynsdorp in the Cape Province, South Africa.
Circa 1911. ©
This is one of my favorite photos, although everyone looks so serious. I am sure if my grandmother was still alive, she could tell me much more about the photo.

I got the negative from my father, it is about 3″ x 5″. It was scanned on an Epsom Perfection 1260. I Scanned it in parts and stitched it together using Adobe Photoshop. (Stitching a Panorama in Adobe Photoshop.) Lastly I adjusted and restored the photo. (Photo restoration.)

I also got a piece of the photo from my father, which confirmed which was the right side and the color of the original.

Van Ellewee

Van Ellewee project.
Canvas and scrapbook layout



Photo restoration

Van Ellewee


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