Van Ellewee, S. P.

Back: My Great Grandmother Christina (Chrissie) Philippina Margaretha Truter (1861- 1943), my grandmother (Ouma) Pieteriza Cilliers (7.10.01- 7.7.1992)
and my Great Grandfather Stephanus Petrus van Ellewee (24.10.1844-3.3.1927 (Age 83)
Front: Two of their other children Johanna Petronella Maria (Magritha) (1905-1985) and Frans Johannes van Ellewee (1903-1963).
The photo was possibly taken at Vanrhynsdorp in the Cape Province, South Africa.
Circa 1911. ©
This is one of my favorite photos, although everyone looks so serious. I am sure if my grandmother was still alive, she could tell me much more about the photo.

I got the negative from my father, it is about 3″ x 5″. It was scanned on an Epsom Perfection 1260. I Scanned it in parts and stitched it together using Adobe Photoshop. (Stitching a Panorama in Adobe Photoshop.) Lastly I adjusted and restored the photo. (Photo restoration.)

I also got a piece of the photo from my father, which confirmed which was the right side and the color of the original.

Project in progress.



Photo restoration

Van Ellewee

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