Subtitle: My Oupa 12×12
Oupa is Afrikaans for Grandfather
Scrap-booked by me in May 2009
Paper: K & Company Memory Stor
Clip-art: Watch Open Clipart.org

Detail of page one
There is more Journaling inside the File
Clip-art: Watch Open Clipart.org
Photo corners stickers from “Kingstickers”
Collage tag, with Matt Plaid Modge Podge and brown shoe polish.
The shoe polish darkened the clip-art and brought out the edges.
I don’t know if I like the brush marks, which I didn’t see before.
In future I will use a fake credit card or better strokes.


Pronunciation: tīm-ləs

Function: adjective

Date: circa 1560

1archaic : premature , untimely
2 a
: having no beginning or end : eternal
: not restricted to a particular time or date
<the timeless themes of love, solitude, joy,
and nature —
: not affected by time : ageless

Planning on my Magnetic Board

Here is some of my Inspiration
Time” from “Legacy” Magazine Vol. 5.
issue # 6 “One day at a time.”

Mel's watch
Here is a wonderful tutorial at Mel’s Stampz of a pocket watch.

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