My Craftroom
soap dish
Alternate Uses:
Plastic traveler’s soap dish to store small alphabet rubber stamp sets.
Nail clipper instead as a corner
Empty “Huggies” travel baby wipes containers to keep a wet cloth, paper towel, sponge, etc.
Paint chips: I collect them free from stores that sell paint and it helps me choose colors.

There are some great ideas for using paint chips at Scrapjazz
Use a heat gun and paint stripper if you have one instead of a Craft and embossing heat gun.

Paint chips

From Scrapbooking
Bookmarks: I got a handy idea from this book, I tie ribbons to the ring binder in the same color as the layout, to mark the pages so that I can find them easier
Card-stock: If you don’t have the right color paint white cardstock , the color that you want.
Heat Gun
Use a paint stripper
Heat gun instead of a heat gun for heat embossing.
LogoJournaling: Please click on the logo to go to a great website. Great for journaling in a spiral or other shapes. Click on Tools then Party Printer and choose shape.
Light-box: I use a light-box for tracing, viewing negatives, dry embossing, etc.
Please click on thumbnail.
Organizing: I use a Lazy Susan for my Scrapbooking supplies.
Paint chips, also see alternate uses Their are some great ideas at Scrapjazz
Photo Editing with Picnik
“Picnik lets you clean up your pictures without knowing a thing about photo editing.” – TIME
Picnik is photo editing awesomeness, online, in your browser. It’s the easiest way on the Web to fix underexposed photos, remove red-eye, or apply effects to your photos. With Picnik you can do everything you usually do in Photoshop, but it’s so much easier.”
Edit uploaded photos in Picasa, Flickr, etc. or upload from your computer.
Photos: When I have photos printed, I include the date in the file-name, as some stores print the file-name on the back.
Protecting Layouts: I cover my work with clear glass sheets like used for kitchen counters to protect and flatten them a little.
Publish: I scan and publish my layouts on my Blog, adding information like paper, fonts, sources, etc. It encourages me to work a bit neater, I learn a lot from the feedback and it helps me keep track of sources and information.
Index cardsRecipe box: I use a index card file box to organize the techniques that I have tried out. I try out the technique on the one side, make notes on the back and file.
Rubber Stamps
I stick “Clear on Clear” rubber stamps onto small bead or craft boxes, so I can handle them easier and still see through them.


Use clear plastic traveler’s soap and video boxes to store small alphabet rubber stamp sets.
Label and
Stamp on the label, so that you can see which alphabet it is.
Scanning: I scan my 12″ x 12″ layouts in two parts , overlapping at least one inch and them merge them in a photo-editing program like Adobe Photoshop Panorama Photomerge .
To scan large negatives, my scanner has an attachment which scans small negatives and slides, I scan the negatives on the slide setting, in four sections, I then click on negative, changing them to a positive image and merge the four with  Adobe Photoshop Panorama Photomerge .
Scrap-lift: I scan layouts that I like and upload them to a free photo-host like Picasa, where I have a private folder, I use tags for colors, themes, etc.  I add the name, book and artist with captions and add my own comments.
Scraplift sketches: Open copy of layout photo in a program like Corel Paint Shop Pro, re size to 12 ” x 12″, view grid, change grid-size 1″x 1″
Go to effects-edge effects and choose trace contour.
Tools: Look for tools like a paint stripper Heat gun, Hollow hole punch set, etc. at hardware, sewing and stationery stores, where they sometimes are less expensive.

Using Many Photos on Your Scrapbook Pages from about.com

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