Scanned with an Epson RX 595
Scans merged in Adobe Photoshop

Close up


Album: Family
Alphabet: Title: Dymaxion Script from Da Font
Date: March 2010

“Family reunion” from the book “Scrapbooking Your Family History” (Paperback) by Laura Best (Author)
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Notes: The second page is a mirror of the first page

Pages: 2

My Aunt and uncle at the Voortrekker monument in
Pretoria, South-Africa
Circa 1940

Size: 12″ x 12″

Made in Adobe Photoshop
Sources: Vintage clip art from
Brackets and Arrows – Free Shapes for Scrapbookers

Vintage car ads
Skeleton leaves, brads, photo anchor, “Paperbilities “card-stock, Aleene’s Memory Glue – 2 oz, green Aquarelle pencil,
Paper: Celebrations memory block 4, Eyelets, Make it special mounting squares, ink-pad, etc.
Techniques: How to Attach a Brad
How to set Eyelets
Color Blocking
Speed Color BlockingColor Blocking by Denise Medeiros
Tools: Corner rounder punch or nail clippers, Lightbox, etc.

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