Beef Stroganoff

500 g Beef Steak cut into cubes 22 g Mushroom pieces
3 chopped Onions 250 ml Cream
Salt, Pepper and Paprika to taste 1 Glass Vodka
Herbs to taste 1 cube Beef stock
56 g Butter, margarine or oil 50 ml Tomato paste
Optional: Dijon mustard, garlic, etc. Pasta

Heat oil in a frying pan with high sides and a fireproof cover.
Brown meat quickly and remove from pan. Meat should be slightly rare.
Add oil as needed. When all meat has been browned and removed from pan, add onions.
Sauté until transparent, about 10 minutes.
Repeat with mushrooms.

Add seasoning. Return meat to the pan and reduce liquid as much as possible.

Remove pan from stove and flambé. See notes.

Shaking the pan a little bit looks impressive and makes the flame burn longer.
Add stock, paste, liquid if necessary and cook till tender.

Lastly add cream stir, heat through and serve over pasta.
Serves 4


“Flambé (also spelled flambe; pronounced /flɒmˈbeɪ/) is a cooking procedure in which alcohol (ethanol) is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames. The word means flamed in French (thus, in French, flambé is a past participle; the verb is flamber).” – Wikipedia

Flambéing tends to heat and even scorch whatever the liquor is poured over.

Have matches, lid, fire extinguisher, fireproof cover for pan at hand and put oven mitt on.

Measure the alcohol into a cup, remove the pan from the flame, pour it in and immediately tilt the pan just so it touches the flame.

If things get out of hand, turn off the burner and cover the pan, if you can, but then just stand back and wait a minute unless there seems to be a real danger.

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