• Meyer (French Huguenot.) (France) ‘Geslagsregisters van die Ou Kaapse Families’, deur C.C. de Villiers, en C. Pama, 1966
    Pierre MEYER, gebore 1668, van Wyborgh, Dauphine was ‘n Franse Hugenoot wat in 1688 in SA aangekom het op die skip Borssenburg. Hy was getroud in 1705 met Aletta de SAVOYE, dogter van Jacques, en was een van die eerste diakens van die Franse gemeente. Hy was gevestig in 1690 op Nieuwendorp, Groot Drakenstein. Hy het 3 seuns en 4 dogters gehad.
  • “From the Middle High German word “meiger,” meaning “higher or superior,” often used for stewards of landholders or great farmers or leaseholders – today a Meier is a dairy farmer. Meier and Meyer are used more often in Northern Germany, while Maier and Mayer are found more frequently in Southern Germany.
  • Surname Origin: German
  • Alternate Surname Spellings: MEIER, MAYER, MAIER, MIER, MEIR”
  • Genealogy of the Meyer family
  • More at – genealogy
  • Meyer Family Website My Heritage.
  • Borssenburg: Huguenot Ship to the Cape ( Pierre Meyer, SV/PROG)
  • Bain from 1775 Meyer 1797 – SA family tree (Facebook Group)


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