Life is too short to stuff a mushroom’. -Shirley Conran

Address Labels
Label personal belongings, such as C. D s, books, etc.

Alternate Uses

Use Bread Tags instead of your nails when removing stickers, soap scum and stuck on food from dishes and counter tops.
Use fake Credit Cards received in the mail, for removing soap scum from bath and showers.

Put all your battery chargers for cell phones, cameras, Lap-top, etc. in individual clip seal bags and in one place preferably close to a power bar. Then you will always know where they are and they are ready to charge.

Craft Supplies
I love this idea from Heidi Swapp.Use a pretty tray, add a set of matching glasses and sort supplies into groups:Colored Pencils, pencils, scissors, gel-pens, paint brushes, etc. I use it for Scrap-booking, but it is also great for kids, just add paper and enjoy. I use a Lazy Susan instead of a tray for my Scrapbooking supplies.

I also wrap an elastic band around my special pens, so that I can identify them quickly.

My dishwasher’s plastic cutlery holder broke, so I replaced it with stainless steel cutlery holders, which work very well.

Scan travel documents like passports, driver’s license, identification documents, etc. and mail to yourself on a secure internet accessible Email provider like Gmail, etc. and hide in an inconspicuous marked folder, in case yours are lost or stolen while traveling.

Buy large cans of tomato paste, pour over into small containers, enough for one meal and freeze, defrost as needed. Use glass mason jars to freeze liquids.

I store my opened food in Mason jars on a Lazy Susan in the groceries cupboard.

Loaf Pan
I got this idea from the Internet, use a metal loaf pan, to organize your kitchen drawers, it is also ideal for sharp knives.

Rub corn flour into matted hair and work the knots out with your fingers.

Take photos of recipes with your digital camera and print them on your computer.

Rubber Stamps
I stick “Clear on Clear” rubber stamps onto small bead or craft boxes, so I can handle them easier and still see through them.

Use Nail clippers instead of a corner rounder.
Use empty “Huggies” travel baby wipes containers to keep a wet cloth, paper towel, sponge, etc. in.
Use a paint stripper Heat gun instead of a heat gun for heat embossing.

Do you have any interesting hints to share?

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Toaster Oven: Cut oven liners in four pieces, overlap two halves and put in the bottom of toaster oven for easier cleaning.

I would ❤️ to hear from you.

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