Bow valley area

Flowing Water Trail which starts from the Willow Rock Campground on the eastern side of Hwy 1X.

This area is best visited early in the morning when the birds are most active and the campers still torpid. From Hwy 1X drive through the registration area and park by the washrooms. Just north of the washrooms is a small trail that winds through the wooded area of the campground to the start of the Flowing Water Trail.

Once through the campground you arrive at the Flowing Water loop trail. Keep to the right and you will soon be walking along the banks of the Kananaskis River. Continue until an open hillside is reached. At the top of the hill look for soaring hawks, Osprey, Common Raven and occasionally, eagles. Continue along the pathway until it descends into a dense stand of Aspen Poplar.

After this area of dense woodland, one of the best beaver dams of the park and a most interesting area for birds, is reached. The willows between the trail and the highway can also be good for migrating warblers. The final part of the trail leads through an area of dense willow bush.

From the Willow Rock Campground, drive west across Hwy 1X and enter the main part of the park. Continue on this road until Middle Lake is reached. In winter the road is kept open to here. If time is limited, continue beyond Middle Lake and take the left-hand fork to the Many Springs Parking Lot. – Birdcomp

Bow Valley Map

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