Our Smit Family Tree, 

Meaning: Smid (Smith)

  1. Stamvader: Erasmus Schmidt a. 1717 as soldaat van Holstein aan boord Minden , stalkneg 1718-1721, weer soldaat in 1722, burger in 1727 † Stellenbosch 6.5.1787 x Kaapstad 6.5.1731 Cornelia VAN EMMENES * 5.12.1707 † 18.6.1769 d.v. Albert Gerritse van Emmenes en Catharina van den Bosch v. Leiden

Erasmus Smit, SV/PROG 2 was my fourth great grandfather on my Father’s side.

2. “Stamvader Jan Smit’s Origin
In the Dutch East India Company’s muster roll of free burgers for 1692 he is listed as Jan Smit from Maastricht (Johannes Smit van Mastricht en Adriana Tol, 5k).

Jan Smit was a soldier. In 1681, when he married Adriana Tol, he was stationed at the garrison in Delft, in the company of Captain Moor, and it would seem that he had been there since at least November 1680 and probably a good deal earlier.

On the 19th November 1680, a child, Christoffel, was baptised in Delft at the Catholic church, Sint Hippolytus op het Bagijnhof. The parents are stated to be Johan Smits and Lucretia van Senne. In the Delft Ondertrouw boek, against the application of Jan Smit and Adriana Tol to marry, is a note that Lucretia, widow of Robert van Sante, had objected on the grounds that she already had a child by Jan Smit. The objection was presumably overruled since it is also recorded there that the objecttions was withdrawn on 22nd December 1681.” – Source: Stamouers

Jan Smit, SV/PROG 1 (c.1662 – 1696) – Genealogy – Geni was my 8th great grandfather on my mother’s side



My Great paternal grandfather Petrus Smit (16.2.1859 – 23.8.1937)
and my great grandmother  Anna Catharina Nieuwoudt (25.10.1863- 7.7.1906)
My Great Grandparents

Circa 1880
Digital copy of a photo in my father’s collection.

My Paternal Grandfather.
Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit
Circa 1969
Digital copy of a photo in my father’s collection.
He was married to my Paternal Grandmother Pieteriza Cilliers Van Ellewee. (7.10.01- 7.7.1992)   My Ouma (Ouma is Afrikaans for Grandmother.)

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 Digital copy of Jan H.N. Smit and Pieteriza Cilliers Van Ellewee’s (7.10.01- 7.7.1992) Wedding certificate

Digital copy of Jan Harmse Niewoudt Smit Doop seel (Baptism Certificate)

Petrus Johannes Smit (13.3.1884-31.12.1914) and Johanna van der Merwe.
My Paternal Grandfather’s brother and he’s wife.
He only lived to the age of 30.
Circa 1900

Andries Petrus (29.11.1897 – 1.10.1941 ) and he’s brother Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit.
Andries Petrus’ wife was Sarah Johanna Debora Nèe Truter. 

Andries Petrus (29.11.1897 – 1.10.1941 ) and he’s brother Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit.
Andries Petrus’ wife was Sarah Johanna Debora Nèe Truter.

Back: Two unknown men
Andries Petrus (b. 29 Nov 1897- 1 Oct. 1941) and  Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit (20.9.1894-1.10.1970)

My fatherPetrus Johannes Smit (7 yrs) (2.1.1932) he’s aunt Alida Wilhelmina Smit (25.7.1881- 2 .9.1960) (she never married) and my dad’s sister Christina Philippina Magrieta Smit (5.7.1936-26.6.1939) Circa 1939 The Grand Parade, Cape Town, South Africa. Scanned from Negative

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