What is Genealogy?

My interest in Genealogy started with my Father, who interviewed my Grandmother in the old age home, before she passed away, about her family and my grandfather’s family.  My father kept meticulous notes which I copied. My Grandmother  had an incredible memory and kept a lot of photos, documents, negatives and mementos, which my Dad passed onto me. Our son found my Grandmother’s family tree on the internet and we have been researching ever since. We are of mostly of Dutch, German, Scottish and French descent.

We can trace back our ancestors to over 8 generations, who were born in South Africa, my second great grandfather John Blackie was born in Scotland.

I am interested in the following South-African surnames: Blackie, Brits, Britz, Cilliers, Esterhuizen, Jordaan, Marais, Meyer, Nel, Nieuwoudt, Pelser, Smit, Truter, Van Biljon, Van der Walt, Van Ellewee and Wolfaardt.

Our family trees.


Ancestor Graph (Using History link and



Orphan Photo

Photo Restoration

Pinterest Genealogy


Surnames that we are interested in.

Kinship Chart

Genealogy Links

Genealogy Disclaimer 

Genealogiese Vrywaring.

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