Smit, Petrus

Please see Smit Family Tree

Petrus Smit was born in 16.2.1857

He’s father was Petrus Johannes Smit and he’s mother was Maria Van Biljon

He’s brother was Isak Erasmus Smit
He married 
Anna C. Nieuwoudt in 1880

Anna & Petrus

Petrus Smit and he’s wife
Anna Catharina Nieuwoudt Circa
Digital photo of a photo in my father’s collection
Please click on thumbnail

Their children were Alida Wilhelmina, Petrus Johannes, Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt (my Grandfather) and Andries Petrus

He died on 23.8.1937 at about the age of 80, when my father Petrus Johannes Smit (b.1932) was about 5 years old

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