About me.

Hi, my name is Linda, welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting.

I love scrap-booking, blogging, playing on the computer ; I am also interested in photography, genealogy, reading, hiking, camping, beading, arts and crafts.

I have been happily married for over 40 years, we have one son, a lovable daughter in law and are the proud grandparents of three adorable sons. We have a dog called Erik.

We unfortunately lost our dogs Skokijan and Kris in 2018, but there are many photos of them on my blog.

We have been living in Canada for over 20 years, but we are originally from South-Africa.

I am bilingual and Afrikaans is my first language.

Ek kan nog Afrikaans praat,  lees en skryf.


 About my Blog Avatar.

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I started blogging in 2004, when we got our first digital camera and after our first trip back to South-Africa, to share our life with family and friends.

When we moved to Canada from South-Africa, I needed a user name for my Email and I chose Tokoloshe, a name that every African knows, so when I started blogging I used it as my blog name as well.

Tok Canada

“In Zulu mythologyTikolosheTokoloshe or Hili is a dwarf-like water sprite. It is considered a mischievous and evil spirit that can become invisible by drinking water. Tokoloshes are called upon by malevolent people to cause trouble for others. At its least harmful a tokoloshe can be used to scare children, but its power extends to causing illness or even the death of the victim. The creature might be banished by a n’anga (witch doctor), who has the power to expel it from the area.” –Wikipedia

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22 Responses to About me.

  1. Naomi says:

    Hey Tokoloshe, what a beautiful blog!

    Love your connection to our fabulous country & so glad you cherish it 🙂 That said, we’ve had the pleasure of visiting Vancouver and skiing in Canada – another stunning part of the world!



    • Tokeloshe says:

      Thank you very much 😉

      Yes, we are so fortunate to have lived in two of the best countries in the world.

      Wonderful! We have just returned from a Vacation in B.C. I should be posting photos soon.


  2. souldipper says:

    Just arrived after an intro from Cin. What a fabulous site, Tokeloshe. I grew up in Alberta (almost as free as the prairie wind) and have thoroughly enjoyed your photos of places where I used to hike, roam, travel through and live.

    I really look forward to spending more time here because I will learn lots (eg I did not take the time as a young person to learn the origin of the name “Kananaskis”).

    When I checked your current map of the Kananaskis valley, I see all sorts of civilization/roads that did not exist when I used to hike and ski through there. Plus, the, ahem, names attached to various parts of the valley. Bet the First Nations People are not impressed.

    So I’m delighted to discover you and am going now to subscribe. Perhaps some of my experiences would interest you on my blog.

    I just have one question: Did the Coast remind you of Cape Town area at all? Since I’m now on an island off the West Coast, when I visited Cape Town last year, I felt I was home. – Amy


    • souldipper says:

      P.S. Don’t give any of our boogeymen any funny ideas!!


      • Tokeloshe says:

        Cin is a star, she told me about your latest post and now I’m hooked 😉

        Thank you very much Amy, that is music to my ears.

        That is wonderful, as I will get a new perspective of Alberta and will definitively find it very interesting.

        We go to K’ country a lot and I have never imagined it without paved roads. We have lately been going to The Ghost wilderness area and many of the roads are still gravel.

        Vancouver Island’s Tofino area reminded us a little of the Jeffrey’s bay area in the Cape. The drive to Whistler is also stunning.

        I love Vancouver Island 😉


  3. When I checked your current map of the Kananaskis valley, I see all sorts of civilization/roads that did not exist when I used to hike and ski through there. Plus, the, ahem, names attached to various parts of the valley. Bet the First Nations People are not impressed.


    • Tokeloshe says:

      That is interesting to know. Were the roads paved?

      We have only been going there for the past 13 years, but we love it! .
      It is a pity about the name changes ;-(

      Take care.


  4. The tokeloshe is enough to get rid of the snuff and sour milk and go brick hunting, but how do you pronounce it?


  5. Nooruddin Jalal says:

    You are beautiful:)


  6. cocoaupnorth says:

    When I saw Tokeloshe, I thought that sounded South African:-). You have a lovely blog, I’m so glad I found it.


  7. Tokeloshe says:

    That’s great! Thank you very much, I’m glad you found me too.


  8. I saw your blog name pop up in my likes today and knew that you must be from SA. We emigrated to South Africa from England in 1970, and had a housekeeper who used snuff and slept with her bed on bricks. I guess she was afraid of the taw-caw-law-she. Our daughter and her family lived in Vancouver for a few years in the late 1990’s, but after 5 years, returned to South Africa. Our son has been living and working in the USA for 16 years, and my husband and I have now moved to Florida, but visit family ‘back home’ frequently. I’m sure I’m going to enjoy following your blog. Sylvia 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Christina B says:

    Thanks for visiting mu blog, and glad I’ve discovered yours. It’s always interesting to read blogs from different parts of the world.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. dominique says:

    Another comment from me! Been looking at all your scrap booking stuff too which lots of fun! You are so organised and plan so thoroughly. I loved it for awhile but found it so time-consuming – but v rewarding – so will now enjoy it by looking at you at work! Have a great day , from a beautiful sunny Cape Town. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tokeloshe says:

      That’s wonderful! I love scapbooking, even the planning part, I have found that the more I plan, the smoother it goes. I’m glad you like my plakboeke, it’s always a pleasure to hear from a fellow scrapbooker, I would love to see what you have done 😉 Thank you from a cool Calgary.

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  11. Dear, you really do nice things with taste.
    And you make you want to discover this distant country.

    Liked by 1 person

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