With the Flag to Pretoria.

WITH THE FLAG TO PRETORIA, AND AFTER PRETORIA: THE GUERILLA WAR. Part 65 A History of the Boer War 1899-1900. Size: 13″ x 10″ General Louis Botha is on the cover with his decorated Mauser rifle and was himself present at the battle of Brakenlaagte. Printed Circa 1901 in Canada. There is no index.
Acquired from Where on Earth? Antique Mall in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

Image from Magazine.
A picture of General Louis Botha (1862-1919), the South African statesman and first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa (1910-19)

General Louise Botha on Geni.com

“Louis Botha (Afrikaans pronunciation: [ˈlu.i ˈbuəta]; 27 September 1862 – 27 August 1919) was a South African politician who was the first prime minister of the Union of South Africa—the forerunner of the modern South African state. A Boer war hero during the Second Boer War, he eventually fought to have South Africa become a British Dominion.” – Wikipedia

With Colonel Benson’s column in the Transvaal: Boers surprised at breakfast.
Page 35
Drawing by Charles M. Sheldon
Charles Mills Sheldon worked as a war correspondent In South Africa for the Second Boer War from 1899

“Reading the histories of the Boer War, the column commander who most stands out for his skill, leadership and cunning is Colonel George Benson, RA.”- Anglo Boer War. 

The Boers charge at Brakenlaagte.
Drawing by John Charlton

“John Charlton (1849–1917) was an English painter and illustrator of historical and especially battle scenes, mainly from contemporary history.” – Wikepedia

“The Battle of Bakenlaagte occurred on 30 October 1901 during the guerrilla phase of Anglo-Boer war of 1899–1902. The battle saw the Eastern Transvaal Boer commandos of Generals Grobler, Brits, Viljoen and Louis Botha attack the rear guard of Colonel Benson’s much feared No. 3 Flying Column while it was in marching formation to its base camp.”

Slag van Bakenlaagte
Battle of Bakenlaagte

Boer families in the concentration camp at Eshowe, Zululand.

Commandant Christoffel Botha.

The man on the left with a grey beard is C. Botha. Cousin of Commandant General.
He was wounded at Elandslaagte and when barely recovered from his wound was captured by General Plumer between Wakkerstroom and Piet Retief. Being a leader, he was banished under Lord Kitchener’s proclamation. Photo.

“The Boer Commandos or “Kommandos” were volunteer military units of guerilla militia organized by the Boer people of South Africa. From this came the term “commando” into the English language during the Second Boer War of 1899-1902 as per Costica Andrew.”- Wikipedia



    • Dit was ‘n groot toeval, die winkel is nogal groot met allerhande interesante dinge. Die tydskrif was nog in ‘n puik toetsand daarby. Ek is bly ek kan dit deel. Ek het probeer meer uitvind oor Kommandant Christoffel Botha, ek het op ‘n paar Facebook groepe navraag gedoen. My Oupa was in ‘n konsentrasie kamp, saam met sy broers en susters, hulle stiefma is daar oorlede. Sy pa, my oupagrootjie en sy broers was krygsgevangenisse. My ouers het nooit iets daaorr genoem nie, ek weet nie of hulle dit eers geweet het nie. 😔

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