Queen of Cowichan.

After we left the Englishman River Falls campground on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada during our recent vacation, we took the MV Queen of Cowichan Ferry from Nanaimo (Departure Bay) to Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay)

Our rig is inside one of the two-vehicle decks.

Another ferry is next to us at the ferry terminal, taken through the window.

“MV Queen of Cowichan is a BC Ferries vessel, built in Victoria, British Columbia in 1976. It joined the other two C-class ferries built that year, Queen of Alberni and Queen of Coquitlam, and was followed by Queen of Surrey and Queen of Oak Bay. The ship, like all C-class ferries, is double-ended. This means the ship never has to turn around in port during regular service. The ships two MaK 12M551AK engines turn out 11,860 horsepower (8,840 kW) which gives it a service speed of 20.5 knots (38.0 km/h; 23.6 mph). Like all the C-class ferries it is 139.28 metres (456 ft 11 in) long. Almost identical to Queen of Coquitlam, the vessel has a car capacity of 312 and a passenger capacity for 1,494 people. The ship has two car decks. A lower car deck capable of carrying trucks and buses carries the overheight vehicles while the upper car deck can carry the majority of the cars on board. She is named for the regional district of Cowichan Valley Regional District.” – Wikipedia

Built: 1976, Victoria
Overall Length: 139.29 m (457′)
Gross Tonnage: 6,551.18
Car Capacity: 362
Passenger & Crew Capacity: 1,500
Service Speed: 22.0 knots
Horsepower: 11,860
Amenities: Coastal Café (featuring White Spot Triple O burgers, Villages Pizza and Bread Garden Sandwiches), Coast Café Express snack bar and Passages Gift Shop. You’ll also find a video arcade, children’s play area, two outdoor solariums, telephones, elevator, washroom for people with disabilities and tourist information (brochures). – WebArchive

The weather was very nice.

I always try to take a photo of the lifebuoy, so that I know which ferry the photos were taken on.

One of the vehicle decks.

It’s quite windy up front.

The wake of the ferry.

Another ferry.

British Columbia mainland and another ferry.

The crossing time is approximately 1h 40m with a distance of 54 km





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