Boondocking at the James River.

We couldn’t camp near Limestone Mountain as we had planned, because the area was closed, but we found another great site, next to the James River near Sundre, Alberta, Canada, where we hadn’t boondocked before,

There were many birds…

…and even a birdbath.

James River Camping.

The first few days were warm, but we had thunder-showers and cooler weather for the rest of the time.

We were the only campers in the area for the first few days, but soon many people came moving in before the Canada Day long weekend.

We made improvements to our Ozark Gazebo, by adding a bigger tarp (20”x 18”) which made our shelter even bigger.

Another tarp is fastened over the fire to prevent sparks.

Rebars prevent the Windshield and heat reflector for a firepit from falling over.
You can read more at Camping hacks, hints and equipment.
A small coal shovel hangs from the rebar.

Another neat hack is using a hammer to pick up a hot lid.


Camping hacks, hints and equipment.



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