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Windshield and heat reflector for a firepit.
Idea from THE ORIGINAL FIRE REFLECTOR from Big tent outdoors.


Click on thumbnails. Folded up. Close up of rings.

We drilled holes into 4 (13″ x 18″ x 1″) aluminum baking pans and attached them with Stainless Steel Wire Keychains Cables.

The firepit is made from a big plough disc, which stands on a potted plant stand.
Chicken wings and shrimps with Nandos Peri Peri Sauce cooking on a smaller plough disc. A hobo packet is cooking in the fire. 


Click on thumbnails. 

Disc-plough. Potted plant stand.

Hubby welded horse’s shoes as handles to the plough discs, he also welded the hole in the centre closed to cover it up.        

We were impressed with our new Ozark Trail 10 FT X 10 FT Slant Leg Instant Setup Canopy / Gazebo for shade and protection from the rain.
Our shade cloths are +- 10’ x 8’ and fit very well between the posts to protect us from the wind. The Gazebo isn’t fire-resistant, so we added a tarp above our firepit for sparks and also for reflecting the heat from the fire back. 


We attached the shade cloth with S hooks.  Click on thumbnails. 

We use a RIDGID X4 18-Volt Cordless Mini Radio to keep up to date with the weather forecasts, news, etc. It is compatible with all 18V RIDGID Batteries/tools.


 Bluetti Maxoak Portable Power Station output 500 W

We use it to charge our phones, laptop, tablet, cameras, radio, walky-talkies, etc. while boondocking or travelling. It can also be used for powering a small fridge when car camping.  It has USB ports and power outlets. We can also plug in a 110 V electric heated seat cushion, electric blanket, etc. when needed. The Bluetti and accessories fit in an Orange shotgun ammo case, part of a set of thee available from Bass Pro and Cabela’s.

Mason Jar Lantern.

We used a Mason jar, the rim of the lid, a sink strainer (cut to size), a Mason Wire Handle and a Long-Lasting candle which you can get from the Dollar store for soft but effective light in the evenings.

Sink strainers are available from Dollarama

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Coleman Solar panel.  Controller.

The 40 W Solar panel, charges two deep cycle 6V camper batteries.  We just completed a six-day boondocking and the two batteries were still fully charged (May and it was around zero degrees celsius at night). The biggest power usage in the camper is from the fridge/freezer, pump, lights, furnace, extractor fan, etc. We have LED lightbulbs, which are cooler and more efficient.

Hose and faucet for drinking water.

Hose for the Water heater.

Easy Eggs from One Good Thing.

HAMBURGER FOIL PACKETS from Food Meanderings.
Click above for more recipes.

“I use an aluminium foil container, instead of fussing with making my own foil packs. It takes less time and it’s much easier to check on doneness. You don’t have to take the packet apart – you simply open the cover. They are also easier to balance on a campfire or eat on a picnic table.” Food Meanderings

Foil packet in the fire.
We bought these at the Dollar store. 
Frozen veggies, spices, butter, broth, butter, etc.  

  • Erik wears a bell on his collar so that we can always know where he is and wild animals and other people know as well. He is well trained and stays within a designated area.
  • A Grabber Reacher to pick up litter at a campsite.
  • In an emergency (wild animals or other threats) press your car alarm, which can work from your campsite and from the inside of the camper. Hubby added a truck horn which works even better. 


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