Reorganizing my Art Stash.

Now that the camping season is over for the year, it’s time to craft again. I cleaned and reorganized my stash.  I wonder how long will it stay that way 😉
In the winter I work upstairs in our home office, so that I have more natural light, it is warmer than My Craft-room, which is in the basement and I am closer to my family.
My most used supplies are almost within arms reach. A craft mat and Kit ‘N’ Caboodle Glass Cutting Mat is in the centre of the table. My magnetic planning board is on the wall.
The large Lazy Susan on the right, holds a water bottle, a water spray bottle, DRÖNJÖNS and other containers filled with rulers, watercolor pencils, markers, pencils, paint-brushes, alphabet stencils, scissors, pencil sharpener, tools (Craft Knife, Palette Knives (plastic and metal),  Paper piercer tool, Nail clippers, Embossing stylus, etc.) erasers, paper cups, straws, calligraphy-pens, brayers, Journaling pens, etc.  
The big Lazy Susan on the left has a Pampered Chef Tool Turn About (Retired), a Thrift-store find filled with waterproof color pencils.
Around it are contianers filled with make up sponges, bone folders, emory boards, markers, pliers, eye shadow applicators, cotton buds, make up brushes, stencil brushes, tweezers, craft sticks, toothbrush, small clips, pens, markers, Foam Brushes, Toothpicks, etc. 

Most of the wire Pencil cups are Thrift-store finds, so I have spray painted them the same color.

A small bookcase stands on the table We have had the bookcase a few years now, so I don’t think Ikea sells them anymore.

1. Ikea Wood Desk Organizer Birch Storage Letter Tray (Discontinued) fiolled with markers and tins with coloring pencils. 
2. Small mist sprays and Droppers in a acrylic contaner.
3. Photo corners, dimensional tape, etc. in a small wooden container.
4. Stencils in a KNUFF which is on it’s side to fit in under the shelf.
5. Watercolor, tracing, mixed media paper, sketch pads, etc. 
6. Acrylic stamps in a wooden draw.  
7. Acrylic stamps in a wooden draw. 
8. Wood mounted rubber-stamps in a wooden draw. 
9. Stamp cleaner, large Balck stamp-pad and paper cutter.
10. Large Acrylic paint in a wooden draw, which is on it’s side.
11. Mist and sprays.
12. Distressing inks, perfect Pearls mists, embossing powder, etc. 
13. Acrylic blocks is a square glass vase.
14. Ink-pads in an acrylic organizer. 
15. Ink-Pads in a wooden divided box.
16. Adhesives, Adhesive tape, glue sticks, glue, etc. 
17. Tissues, paper towel, wet wipes, etc. in a basket.

On my right side, I have a small table with a sheet of glass to protect P.I.P. (Pages in Progress) A small bench underneath holds, water-color paint, etc.   

On my left is my Råskog cart which is available from Ikea and very popular with crafters. Ikea sells Bygel containers and Antonius divided organizers  which work well with the Råskog. The Antonius is slightly smaller than the Råskog basket, but one can tuck things in at the back and the basket also prevents them from slipping down. The baskets are 12″x 14″. The Antonius is 14 5/8×9 1/2×2 3/4 ” I used to hang more containers from the sides, but I kept bumping them of. 

Top Tier: Antonius filled with Mod Podge®, Acrylic paint, Gesso, rubbing alcohol spray, masking tape, ephemera, etc. 
1. Heat gun (actually hubby’s paint stripper) in a white plastic milk pitcher, which hooks over the side. 
2. Small glue-gun in Bygel.
3. Large stencils, clipboards and a palette, tucked in behind the Antonius
4. Ephemera in Ziplock bags. 
5. Silicone Sheets. 

Centre Tier: Antonius filled with small bottles of acrylic paint.
6. Scoring board, trivet, etc. tucked in behind the Antonius
7. Bigger glue-gun.
8. LePage Polyfilla 15-Minute Instant Dry, 162-mL and Acrylic medium.
9. Dustbin.

Bottom Tier: Antonius filled with Washi Tape, hot glue, spatulas, clamps ( For holding glued objects together)and make up sponges. Tucked in behind is a bead funnel tray, which I use for empbossing. 
10. Hairdryer.
11. More silicone mats, which I use with my hot glue.
12. A Fiskars paper trimmer tucks in below the cart on top of the wheels.


Magazine files  plywood
Pencil cup
Utility cart
Used to be Bygel 
Pampered Chef Tool Turn About
A Thrift-store find
Ikea Wood Desk Organizer
Birch Storage Letter Tray
Wooden boxes
A Thrift-store find.
I just used the drawers.
Basket insert, clear14 5/8×9 1/2×2 3/4 ”
Kit ‘N’ Caboodle
Glass Cutting Mat

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated in anyway with these suppliers.

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