Autumn at Limestone Mountain.

Autumn Limestone Mountain, Alberta, Canada.
Watch on YouTube.
These photos were taken during our recent camping trip.
Music: Six Seasons
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Limestone Mountain is a minor peak, more like an outlier of The Wedge, than a separate summit. This peak is the runt of the Opal Range, but it is an officially named summit. This little peak only reaches 2173 metres (7,129ft.) and has very little prominence from its larger neighbour. From the shared col with The Wedge, the elevation gain to the summit of Limestone Mountain is only 53 metres.“- Summitpost

“DNA studies conducted by both the University of Calgary and University of Texas show that our Alberta wild horses are indeed genetically unique. They have DNA related to the draft horse, Indigenous ponies and the original Spanish horse. There are multiple genetics found, but these studies show that this blend of genetics is only found in our Alberta wild horses. Leading scientific researchers have stated that if we were to lose these horses it would be a very large loss to Alberta.”Wild Horses Of Alberta

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  1. Beautiful fall photos- especially the ones from the ski slope/ quad trail where you have the fall colours, the distant mountains & then the far blue mountains. The cows & horses look lekker vet – like me after a lockdown winter. Constant grazing. I am no bear expert but I guess the bear had some berries for pudding. Have you graduated from a small tokeloshie to a big Sasquatch in such a short time. Congratulations!!!! ❤️

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    • Thank you for your positive feedback, which is always apreciated.
      I’m so glad you watched this, as Facebook is down today, so I couldn’t share. 😔
      I should have put a matchbox next to the scat, for size comparison, but there weren’t any bells in it;-)
      Jip, it’s all the good camping food. 🥰


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