Smoke gets in your Eyes.

We went Boondocking with our camper for a few days, during a heat wave. The first few days we had clear skies and saw beautiful stars at night and even a meteor shower.

Although we have camped in the Limestone area a lot, it was our first time at this lovely spot, which we have named Tokeloshe’s farm.

“The term boondocking, also known to RV enthusiast as dispersed camping, dry camping or coyote camping, is used to describe camping in the midst of nature without the use of commercial campgrounds and hookups.” Boondocking guide

There was lots of shade and we had a big area all to ourselves.

Note that a the moment one needs a permit to camp on Alberta crownland.
Public Lands Camping Pass

A bubbling cold creek.


Erik scaled a big rock like a mountain goat.

Besides wearing he’s collar, Erik also wears a bell around he’s neck when we go Boondocking, so that we can always hear where he is. He is well trained and stays within the perimeter.

We spent the hottest time of day lying in our hammocks, under the trees. Our hammocks are 11 foot long and 7 1/2 foot wide, so that you can lay across it. Our hammocks are made from Taffeta material (banquet table-cloths.) Sourced from
Hammocks are cool in the summer because of the airflow around you as well as the heat loss from your back being against the fabric.

Our Coghlan’s C-Tech Wireless Weather Station.

We recently bought a RIDGID X4 18-Volt Cordless Mini Radio, which is Compatible with all 18V RIDGID Batteries.
This is very handy to listen to news, weather forecasts and fire-ban information.
We also have a drill, which uses the same rechargeable battery, to lower and lift our camper’s stabilizers.

Sleeping in a hammock guide.

Sleeping In A Hammock: Your Complete Guide To Healthy Hammock Sleep

The Basics of hammock camping.

We came upon a fort in the forest.

A carved tree-trunk, I hope it was dead before they carved it.

The carved tree-trunk in the shape of a chair.

A watermelon chair.

We went for a drive with the quad and then a hike, that is why I didn’t use my long walking stick.

I fastened a cargo net under our table for hats, jackets, etc.

The Platters – Smoke Get In Your Eyes – Lyrics

The last two days the smoke from nearby forest fires were very bad.

There was a fire-ban, so we didn’t make a fire, but is was so hot, we didn’t need one.
Alberta Fire Bans.

Smoke in the air.

Even though there was lots of smoke in the air, many people camped in the area and still came coming in.

We decided to leave on the Monday morning as the smoke was very bad.

Nearby cows in the smoke.

“Agricultural leaseholders are individuals who lease Crown lands from the Alberta government for agricultural purposes.”- Alberta 

The air quality got quite bad.




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