Our Boondocking Equipment.

Wild Camping.
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“The term boondocking, also known to RV enthusiast as dispersed camping, dry camping or coyote camping, is used to describe camping in the midst of nature without the use of commercial campgrounds and hookups.” – Boondocking guide

We use a big disc Plough to make the fire in, the handles are old horse shoes. It stands on a potted plant stand, which is on a RV Mat. We cook in a smaller disc Plough, which also stands on a potted plant stand, the handles are also old horse shoes, which were welded on.

A milk crate for a coffee table and a log for a footstool.
The good life.

Cooking in a Wok on a gas burner.
We turned one of our tables on it’s side to protect it from the wind.

Eastman Outdoors Portable Kahuna Burner with XL Pot and Wok Brackets with Adjustable, Removable Legs.

We put up a tarp when it rains, it is attached to the trees with rope and supported by Boat-hooks, which we got at Princess Auto, but they are available at other stores as well. In this photo you can see plastic milk crates which we use to store firewood, etc. in and then use as side-tables.

We attach a tarp, which fastens onto the canopy with grommets and Awning Track Hangers. You can see a close up of the Awning Track Hangers with grommets here. The tent poles are fiberglass. The canopy and tarp help to reflect the heat of the heater in the evenings.

When it rains, we attach a tarp, which fastens onto the canopy with grommets. You can see a close up of the grommets here. The tent poles are fiberglass.

We have two portable tables, when it’s raining and we didn’t have time to put up the tarp, we all huddle together under the canopy.


We use a shade-net, which fastens onto the canopy with grommets, it provides shade, helps keep the mosquitoes out, is a wind-breaker and gives privacy. The shade helps a lot for the wind, it fastens onto canopy with the grommets. You can see a photo here.

We put Citronella candles and mosquito coils in and old Ikea SOMMARLEK Stovchen Teapot Tea Coffee Warmer Plate, which shields the wind. Unfortunately Ikea doesn’t sell them anymore.

We use a portable propane fire-pit for heat in the evenings.

Meat, baked potatoes, chopped mushrooms, celery, bell peppers, onions, etc. roasted on a 14″x 16″ Camp Chef Flat top griddle.
The Griddle is on a Single Burner Cast Iron propane Stove, but we also use it over the fire.

A Potjie (pronunciation “poy-key”) Afrikaans for a three-legged iron pot used for cooking over a wood fire, on our 1 Burner Propane Stove.
When it is windy we use an Aluminium Foil Oil Splash Shield Guard for a Gas Hob.

We love our Zero Gravity Chairs.

Erik on he’s chair.

We rake the campsite with a collapsible rake for broken glass, etc.

Our Camper equipment.


Boondocking Hints.

Camper Hints.



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