Camper Art Kit.

This is my bag for supplies and tools, which I pack in our camper.
It is esepeciily handy when it’s cold or rainy outside.
As I am doing mostly art journaling, watercolors, acrylics, etc. at the moment, I haven’t packed scrapbooking supplies like photo-corners, etc.

The open bag shows most of the contents.
There’s lot more room.

Grey bag with adhesives fit in the front pouch of the big bag.

Red pencil case fits in the big bag’s side pocket with Sharpeners, pencils, erasers, etc.

These and more fit in the big bag.
Left to right: Blue lunch bag (see seperate list}, Green lunch bag (see seperate list} Chinook Waterproof Map Case 27 x 22 cm with Silicone travel pouches with Silicone Bottles (see next photo.)
Front: Pink pouch with rubber-stamps, inks, etc. water-container, patterned pouch with short rulers, etc.

Silicone travel pouches with Silicone Bottles (filled with Gesso and Flesh colored acrylic paint), white acrylic paint (used for primer)  Modge Podge by Plaid (the small bottles are sold at Dollar-stores), stamp cleaner, white out, a dropper, Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Ink Reinkers – Dried Marigold, travel containers with acrylic paint, etc. In a Waterproof Map Case to be safe.

Ephemera, stickers, acrylic stamps, plastic clipboard (used with acrylic stamps), notebook, index cards, eye-shadow applicators, shipping tags, re-reinforcement rings, paper napkins, wet wipes, etc. fit in the green lunch bag.

Blue lunch bag with Side pockets: Sticky notes left pocket, notebook right pocket, index cards front pocket.
Main pocket: Water color pallet, Pencil cases with Acrylic paint in tubes, pencils, tools, coloring pencils watercolor pencils, pens, paintbrushes, etc. See next photo.

Pencil pouches, watercolor palette, palette, stamping supplies, etc. fit in the blue lunch bag. I find it handy that the pouches are see through, the same size and flat,
The pencil pouches are from Dollarama.

Mists and sprays in water proof travel pouches.

I use a Fiskars Scrap Book Craft Bag Case Album Tool Tote for my books, big stencils, card-stock, patterned papers, etc.

Index cards in sidepocket.

Tissues inside pocket.

Sketching paper, coloring books, reference books, collage papers, tracing paper, watercolor paper, courier bag (see next) journals, sketch books, card-stock,etc.

A 15″ x 10.2″ (38.5cm x 26cm) courier bag holds, a cutting mat, traingle, long rulers, plastic scalloped rulers, big stencils, etc. (see next photo)

These and more fit in the courier-bag. The cutting mat protects the stencils from breaking.

Left to right: File with inspiration, spiral portfolio with sketches, Inspiration, lessons, etc. I do a lot of planning using index cards (I.C). As we mostly camp off grid, I have to plan very well. I download many of my inspirations on my tablet.

Tok’s Travel Tools & Supplies.

Acrylic Blocks.
Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Stamps
Adhesive (Acid Free)
Adhesive tape
Alphabet stamps – small.
Alphabet stencil.
Art Jjournal
Blending tool
Bone folder (Optional)
Bulldog clips
Calligraphy pensCard-stock Collage papersColoring PencilsContainers
Cosmetic Wedge Sponges
Cotton BudsCraft Knife
Craft Mat.
Craft Sticks (Applying Glue) Credit/hotel card used

Cutting mat.

Disposable containers
Double Sided Sticky Adhesive Foam Pads
Eye-shadow applicators

Embossing paste

Emory board
Ephemera (Text, ads, etc.)
Erasers. (Kneadable)

Eraser brush.
Foam Brushes
Graphite Pencils.

Ink-pads in different colors.

Journal pens (Acid Free)



Masking tape

Mechanical pencils


Mod Podge®
Old Toothbrush (splatter painting)
Page in process container.
Page Protectors 12” x 12” (archival)
Palette Knife (plastic and metal)
Paper (Acid Free)
Paper Towels or Paper napkins
Patterned papers (Acid free)
Pencil bags
Pencil sharpener

Pens (Acid Free)


Photo mounting tape (acid free)
Retractable Eraser (Optional)
Rubber Stamps-Favourite

Ruler with Metal cork back

Scissor -Medium
Scrap paper


Stamp Cleaner

Sticky Notes-Masking
Texture Paste
Tissue paper


Tracing Paper.


Washi tape

Water brushes
Water-color paper

Watercolor pencils

Wet wipes. (Alcohol free)

White pen

Working on the dinette table.

Crafting while camping.

Scrapbooking while camping. 


  1. Love the pics of you camping while crafting and working on the scrapbook. You’re giving me some tempting ideas. 😊Thanks much, dear friend. You’d make a great buddy to my wife, who also comes up with detailed planning for our family trips.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you like it, thanks. 💞
      That is wonderful to hear.
      I actually get a lot of planning done, when it rained and was cool, I made an art journal spread.
      🎶 Friends of the 50’s ROCK! 🎶

      Liked by 1 person

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