Tok’s Walking Stick.

Guess who’s ready for camping with a handcrafted walking stick ?

Handcrafted with love by friends.

All the bells and whistles included.
If anyone finds the bell in bear’s poop, they know who’s bell it was.

Detail of Braided leather.

It’s just the right length.

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  1. oh great, you’re well talented 🙂 it’s a very nice object and you have much creativity. Once in my life, when I lived in London I used to wear little bells in my hair. I’m an artist and an art therapist and I live in Italy. I went to Canada 2 years ago and have been In Toronto. I liked all the places 🙂

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    • Thank you very much for your positive and motivating feedback 💞
      It’s good to know a little bit more about you 😉
      We have been in Canada for over 20 years, and love it 💕

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  2. Really a nice walking stick! We did a lot of hiking in the Drakensberg mountains and always packed our handcrafted walking sticks too. Missing those good old days.

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    • I’m glad you like it too ♥ We didn’t hike in S.A. but we hiked quite a bit in Canada, which has great hiking trails. We have quite a few walking sticks, but this one is the best. 💕 Even when we are out camping, we usually also go for walks.


  3. Beautiful work. You have so much talent. Years ago, my mother made a walking stick and very skillfully carved a woman’s face into the wood at the top of it. My brother has it to this day!


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