“To find your angels…
Start trusting your inner voice and intuition”
Melanie Beckler.

My Inspiration: Whimsical Angels Acrylic Painting- Studio Silver Creek

Supplies: Watercolor Paper, acrylic paint, tracing paper, pencil, eraser, markers, scissors, paintbrushes, Water coloring pencils, baby oil, cotton buds, adhesive, alphabet stencil, spray paints, etc.

Source: Angel-Claudia creaciones.

Paint watercolor paper with black acrylic paint,
Let dry or dry with heat tool.
While paper is drying, trace design onto other watercolor paper, using a pencil and tracing paper.
Draw image with a black marker and let dry.
While image is drying add stars to black background.
Sprayed the background with white spray in places. Let dry.
Spray the white splatters with dark blue paint, which makes them light blue. Let dry.
Mask off blue stars with torn papers and spray empty space with white. Let dry,
Color in the image with coloring pencils, blend with baby oil and cotton buds.
Let dry. (preferably overnight.)
Go over drawing with marker adding whimsical lines.
Trace title onto background using a pencil and alphabet stencil.
Go over title using a white marker, let dry then erase pencil lines.
Attach image to background using adhesive.
Sign with a white marker.

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