Steampunk Hat.

“The game is afoot.” – Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes

Back of hat showing braid and gear made with cardboard and fastened with brads. The sticker is Vintage Elements by Forever in time

Side view showing braid, leather strap and Hatpins.

Front view showing painted swimming goggles embellished with beads and a Metal Gear, Found objects by Bead Landing. The cardboard gear fastened with brads. The watch is made with a painted Watchmaker’s Case with a Rebecca Sower Time will tell sticker inside and glued onto a Vintage Elements by Forever in time sticker.

Build Your Own Steampunk Top Hat
Steampunk Goggles 
Steampunk top hat
Steampunk Goggles: Black Brass Goggles |

Supplies and tools: 

Halloween Hat from a Dollar-store.

Swimming Goggles from a Dollar-store.

Hatpins that I made.
Click above for more info.

Circle punches, stencils, paper edgers, etc.

Fiskars Circle Shape Template.

Metallic acrylic paint, acrylic paint, braid, leather, small buckles, paper scraps (used as masks to cover glass while painting) Card-board (Old Calendar/legal pad backs),, hot glue, glue gun, glue, paint brushes, templates, hole punch, acrylic paints, metallic acrylic paint, craft knife, pencil, ruler, Modge Podge by Plaid, foam brush, beads, Metal Gears Found objects by Bead Landing,  Ranger Ink – Perfect Pearls Mists, mists, brads, small hole punch, Vintage Elements Sticker by Forever in time (Gears), elastic hairband, etc.

Time Will Tell Rebecca Sower Nostalgiques Scrapbook Stickers By Sticko.

DIY Cogs and gears for cards, scrapbook, art journals, mixed media projects, etc

DIY Cogs and Gears

Steampunk Heart. 


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