Coastal Renaissance.

“The traveler sees what he sees.
The tourist sees what he has come to see.” 

― G.K. Chesterton

We left Elk Falls Provincial Park on Sunday to take the ferry from  Duke Point, Nanaimo to  Tsawwassen near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Although we arrived early, the ferry was fully booked for passenger vehicles, two hours before departure. Fortunately the oversize (RV and truck) hold had some space. Lesson learn’t, do not travel by a ferry on a Sunday if you can help it.

Our Dutchman behind an A Class Motor-home.

Getting on board deck 2

MS Coastal Celebration ferry’s decks are named as follows: Deck 7 (“Sun”), decks 5-6 (“Passenger”), Deck 4 (“Vehicle”), Deck 3 (“Platform”), Deck 2 (“Vehicle / Bus”). The ship has no staterooms (passenger cabins).”- Cruise mapper.

M/V Coastal Renaissance is one of BC Ferries’ newest vessels to ply the waters between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  –B.C. Ferries

Inside the Ferry’s closed vehicle deck.  Erik was calmer that the first time, but hubby checked up on him a few times. The ferry has pet friendly areas and kennels on (passenger vehicle deck) level 4.

Follow the Starfish signs at the stairs to find your vehicle.

We have done this route before, but it was our first time on the M/V Coastal Renaissance. You can see the post here.

Built: 2007, Germany
Overall Length: 160 metres (525′)
Maximum Displacement: 10,034 tonnes
Car Capacity: 310*
Passenger & Crew Capacity: 1,604
Maximum Speed: 23 knots
Horsepower: 21,444
Amenities: Coastal Cafe, Coast Cafe Express, Sitka Coffee Place, Seawest Lounge, Passages Gift Shop, Kids Zone, Video Zone, Pet Area, work/study stations, elevators, accessible washrooms
Route: Departure Bay-Horseshoe Bay

Vancouver (Tsawwassen) – Victoria

We had a lovely Chicken Pot Pie and a Cesar salad from The White Spot restaurant on board.

Lighthouse on an island taken through Ferry’s window.

We knew we wanted to camp at Hazelmere RV Park for the night, so I had programmed the GPS at Duke Point, but when we got off the ferry the GPS had difficulty acquiring a signal, fortunately as we had been there before, hubby kept he’s head and traveled through traffic, until the G.P.S started working again. Don’t rely on your G.P.S. alone, but always have maps close at hand.

That night we camped at Hazelmere RV Park in Surrey, B.C. Canada. They have a pool, hot tub, laundry, hot showers, an off leash area, etc. Hazelmere is quite close to the U.S.A. border, the city of WhiterockVancouver, the ferry terminal to Vancouver Island, etc.
We have camped before, you can see the post here.

Campsite number 128 at the creek.

Coming Soon:

Shuswap Lake

Travelling With Your Dog on BC Ferries? Read This First

Erik’s Ferry Ride.


  1. Your posts have reminded me of so much great in B.C. The incredible walks in the forests, the waterfalls, Victoria, the seals, the ferry & now I remember thinking that the town of Whitestar looked a very nice place to retire too. Thanks

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it Colleen, it’s my pleasure ♥

      We had planned to stay a day or two in Vancouver, to do some site-seeing but with the G.P.S. trouble, we had enough of traffic,, especially coming back from “island time” 😉

      Thank you for your visits. 💕


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