Lost Lake Trail.

The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.” ~ John Muir

While we were camping at Elk Falls Provincial Park,  we did The Lost Lake Trail in the Snowden near Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


“The trailhead for Lost Lake Trail is at the Brothers Creek Trail bridge crossing. 

The trail starts from the eastern side of the bridge and rises gradually up to Lost Lake. At Lost Lake, the trail goes west crossing a number of creeks before ending at the Blue Gentian Lake Trail and boardwalk. The route is fairly easy to find, with the exception of a number of smaller side trails in and around Lost Lake. Just make sure that you watch for the trail markers in the trees.” – Hiking Project.

It was a lovely hike, we met friendly hikers and cyclists along the way. I couldn’t find any information online, but I remember the loop being about 6 Kilometers long.

Easy to intermediate cycling and hiking trails along old railway grades.“- Go Campbell River 

Erik got a lot of attention, enjoyed it very much and was quite tired afterwards.

Here There Be Faeries.

Access: North of Campbell River from the junction of Highway 19 Snowden Demonstration forest trails Campbell River Vancouver Islandand 28 at the Tamarac Street Bridge, follow Highway 28 to Gold River. At the top of General Hill turn right to Brewster Lake Road, at the sign for Loveland Bay stay left across the Dam. Follow the road to the PRT nursery then turn right on an old logging road, the parking lot for the Lost Frog network is 500 meters up the spur on the left hand side of the road 1.5 kilometers on the left hand side of the logging road.” – Go Campbell River 

The trail is well marked, but I had a map just in case.
Some of the trail names are Pretzel Logic, Three Pigs, The Lost Frog, etc.

“The Snowden Demonstration Forest is a working forest. You will find active harvest development, various silviculture methods, forest rersearch and many recreation opportunities. ” – Sites an Trails B.C.

Elk Falls

and more coming soon.


    • Vancouver Island is amazing, although we have been there a few time already, we have only seen the tip.

      “The River City Cycling Club are the sole “Keepers” of the trails in Snowden”

      Can you imaging cycling there Lisa?


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