Miracle Beach-2019

“A beach is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures, the sea glass, the seaweed, the incongruous objects washed up by the ocean.” –
Henry Grunwald

After we left Englishman River Falls, we camped for two nights at Miracle Beach Provincial Park, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, during our recent vacation. We have camped there before. Our campsite number was 29.

We found Miracle Beach Provincial Park excellent, with friendly and helpful staff, clean washrooms, hot showers, with firewood for sale, etc. There are many birds. A conservation officer told us that there was a Black Bear in the area.

On weekends and public holidays one can hear the noise from the Saratoga Speedway which is close by.

“As a family holiday destination, few locations can beat popular Miracle Beach Provincial Park in the Comox Valley. A broad safe sandy beach on the ocean is the main attraction at Miracle Beach, which also features spacious private campsites, group camping facilities, a playground for the kids, hot showers, a large picnic area overlooking the water and a series of lovely trails winding through lush forest. At low tide, the beach features rich tide pools, perfect for observing a variety of marine life.”- Miracle Beach Provincial Park 

Miracle Beach Provincial Park is Child and pet friendly. This is a popular campground, so book ahead or get in before the weekend.

We made some Jaffles from the left over Chili, which we had made at Englishman River Falls. They were made in a Dual Square Cooking Iron and cooked on a on a Single Burner Cast Iron propane Stove.

“Archaeological findings show that the Coast Salish used the area, though only one stone tool (a hammerstone) has been discovered within the park boundaries. ….more

“Several origins of the “Miracle Beach” name have been put forward. According to BC Geographical Names, it is the location where a messenger of the Great Spirit in the form of a lost and starving man was befriended by the We Wai Kai[7] Other origins are that this is the place where the We Wai Kai witnessed a woman being turned to stone creating Mitlenatch Island, that this area was left untouched by a major forest fire that destroyed the surrounding areas,[8]and that presence of several old growth trees despite forest fire and logging clearing the region is a miracle.[9]” -Wikepedia

The walk to the beach.

“The tide along this stretch of the shoreline goes out for over a quarter of a mile, creating a hard-packed oceanfront playground perfect for children. The gently sloping beach continues for well over a mile into the calm waters of the Strait of Georgia, creating warm, shallow and safe swimming conditions, free from powerboat traffic, deep water or strong currents.” – Vancouver Island

When we arrived at Miracle beach, it was low tide, it looked as if the whole beach was covered with a lawn, but it was plant life. We were walking on Barnacles, so we couldn’t walk much with Erik, as they could hurt he’s pads. I took photos, but unfortunately my camera’s settings were wrong ;-(

NEXT: Elk Falls Provincial Park.-2019


Miracle Beach- 2012

May 2008


  1. Good Morning from Helsinki Linda.

    What a wonderful post. I love very much Your forest photos. They are gorgeous. Last week we walked around in our unknown Helsinki and mostly in forests. I love also the second photo from the top. 🙂

    Happy new week!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wat my opgeval het in jou fotos, is dat al die bome so “skoon” uitgroei. Hier by ons is geweldige digte plantegroei rondom die bome en daar is veral baie parasitiese plante wat in die bome rank. Dis op sommige plekke so dig dat jy nie daar kan loop nie en soms kan jy beswaarlik die blou lug sien. Met die hitte en hoë humiditeit is dit uitstekende teelgrond vir slange en ander ongediertetjies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dit is ‘n interesante opmerking, Hester.
      Ek dink dit is omdat hierdie woude “temperate” is (Ek het Gegoogle en gematigde klink nie reg nie)
      “A temperate forest is a forest found between the oceans and arctic regions in the area of space with the widest seasonal changes, the temperate zone.”
      Ek dink dit is omdat dit so koud word in die winter.

      Liked by 1 person

    • It was, it gives a new meaning to Beach Combing.
      I just wish I could capture it with my camera.
      There were many Sand-dollars, which the children collected into heaps.


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