Coombs 2019

While we were camping at Rathtrevor Beach, we visited Coombs, British Columbia, Canada, which we have visited before. The weather was great. You can see the posts here:  Coombs Market , Goats on the roof  and No Goats on the roof. 
We bought great sausage and even Boerewors at Hilliers Gourmet Foods 3065 Van Horne Rd, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 1X2

Coombs General Store: “Established in 1912, the Coombs General Store has the original wood floors and shelves of memorabilia and old photos that add to its historic charm. There is also a huge selection of penny candy.” – Travel British Columbia

“Coombs was established at the turn of the twentieth century by families who arrived as part of the Salvation Army’s immigration program, a humanitarian scheme that brought nearly a quarter of a million poor English and Welsh to Canada.’ – Vancouver Island

The Coombs Emporium.

Massive stone carvings from China guard the entrance to the Coombs Emporium.

Captain Billy’s Adventure Golf.
Abandoned Mini Golf Course. 
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Coombs is situated between Nanaimo, QualicumCathedral Grove, Port Alberni, Tofino and Ucluelet.


The Old Country Market (Goats on the roof) is one of our favorite places to visit.

The original market was created by Kristian Graaten. Kris and his wife, Solveig, emigrated with their children to Vancouver Island from Norway in the 1950s. Kris, who grew up in the small community of Lillehammer, was inspired to include a sod roof in his design of the market. Many Norwegian homes and farm structures are built directly into the hillside with the sod roof becoming an extension of the hillside. With the help of sons, Svein and Andy, and son-in-law, Larry, Kris unwittingly began to build what would become perhaps the most famous sod-roof building in the world.”

“And now the question, “What if we put goats on the roof?”” – The Old Country Market

“While touring throughout British Columbia, Canada, the Old Country Market in Coombs is a must see destination.  The Market is famous for its “goats on the roof”.” – “The Old Country Market”

The Old Country Market

The Old Country Market


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Feelin’ Groovy in Coombs

The Top Tofino Road Trip Must Do Stops

No Goats on the roof  2015
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Coombs 2012
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Coombs Market 2010
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Goats on the roof 2009
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Coombs, B.C. 2001
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    • We posed our dog Kris in the car in 2010, it looked a bit better then. Since then she has unfortunately passed away, but at a ripe old age. I’ve posted a photo here.
      Coombs has such a relaxing atmosphere, a group of ladies saw us posing Erik in the car, then they all posed in the car as well.
      Lucky cousins, you can see Denman Island from the coast. You should visit them.


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