While we camped at Spring Salmon Place, we went to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for the day. The weather was 23 degrees Celsius with humidity. We have visited Victoria before, you can see the posts here and here.  

The Fairmont Empress Hotel.

“The Capital City of British Columbia, Victoria is well known for its climate, natural beauty and gardens. Located in a sub-Mediterranean zone, Victoria enjoys the mildest climate in Canada. This, combined with spectacular outdoor setting adorned with ocean views and mountain vistas, encourage year round recreational opportunities including hiking, golfing, cycling, gardening and kayaking.” – Victoria

Parliament BuildingVictoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Parliament BuildingVictoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The Parliamentary Players.

Knowledge Totem

“Carved by Coast Salish Master Carver, Cicero August, this totem pole is 25 feet tall and was raised in 1990 to commemorate the Commonwealth Games. Its prime location means that most visitors to the city will see it, and hopefully be inspired to learn more about the Salish people, perhaps in the nearby Royal BC Museum.” – Love Victoria B.C.

Kwakiutl Bear Pole by Henry Hunt

“Project of Native Indians’ participation on the Centennial Sub-Committee to commemorate the Centenary of the Union in 1866 of the colonies on Vancouver Island and the mainland as British Columbia.” –Landmarks public art

Victoria Carriage Tours.

Mosaic Dolphin Sculpture.

Dolphin in front of the Visitor’s center Victoria.

Victoria Harbour Ferry Company Ltd.

Then there is Plasterman, a human statue whose clothes and visible skin are encased in white paint. He stands utterly still on a small crate with his stage title lettered upon it, on this day wearing a white visor and workingman’s clothes. Sometimes he wears a suit. Plasterman is the creation of Clark M. Clark, a former educator and “part-time thespian,” according to his website. He comes alive when money is dropped into the till, dispensing handshakes and hugs to the generous-minded.” –Gary Borders.

We also went to Fisherman’s Wharf.

More coming soon.

Gate of Harmonious Interest, Victoria’s Chinatown
Victoria 2015

Victoria 2006


  1. Dis ‘n pragtige stad. Die parlementsgebou is werklik imposant en dit lyk asof die mense baie trots is op hulle geskiedenis – die opvoerings in period costume is bewys daarvan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We always find that area especially very relaxing. With a surprise around every corner with actors, buskers, artists, etc.

      This visit we noticed more artist painting the scenery, with canvases, easels, etc. I suppose they sell their paintings to the tourists, but it is a good way to practice.


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