Erik’s Ferry Ride.

After we left Hope during our British Columbia, Canada 2019 trip, we took a ferry from Tsawwassen, Vancouver to Swartz Bay, Victoria.  The trip takes about one and a half hours, the ferry sails through the Gulf islands and our car goes on the ferry.

There wasn’t a line up at the gate.

Vehicles waiting to board the ferry.

Our Dutchmen waiting in line.
The Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal has washrooms, restaurants, shops, free Wi-Fi, etc.
Tsawwassen quay.

 Erik wondering what’s going on.

RV, campers and trucks are loaded on one deck.

Although we have taken this route before, it was our first time on The Coastal Celebration.
M/V Coastal Celebration is BC Ferries’ newest vessel to ply the waters between Vancouver and Victoria.

Built: 2007, Germany
Overall Length: 160 metres (525′)
Maximum Displacement: 10,034 tonnes
Car Capacity: 310*
Passenger & Crew Capacity: 1,604
Maximum Speed: 23 knots
Horsepower: 21,444
Amenities: Pacific Buffet, Coastal Cafe, Coast Cafe Express, Seawest Lounge, Passages Gift Shop, Kids Zone, Video Zone, Pet Area, work/study stations, elevators, accessible washrooms
Route: Vancouver (Tsawwassen) – Victoria (Swartz Bay)

Map of B.C Ferries routes.

The Coastal Renaissance passing us.

The weather was lovely.

The ferry has a pet station with kennels, but Erik was fine in the truck.
Hubby checked up on him a few times and took him for a walk.


Spring Salmon Place.

B. C. Vacation ’08


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