Erik’s Epic Adventure.

These photos were taken during our recent camper trip to British Columbia, Canada. We have done this trip a few times before but it was Erik’s first trip.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Wildlife corridor in Banff National Park.
“…a wildlife corridor is a protected route that allows wildlife to move safely between areas of suitable habitat. In the Banff area, corridors are typically narrow, funnel-shaped tracts of land between the developed areas and the steep mountain slopes.” –Parks Canada. 

Ice waterfall on the rocks.

A rest-stop near Takakkaw Falls, in Yoho National Park. We tried to get Erik to look through the hole in the kicking horse’s face, but he was to excited. So you will have to do with mine. There is a sani dump and water. The view from there is spectacular, I did take photos on our way back. Kicking Horse River.

The Trans-Canada Highway 

“The section of Trans-Canada Highway that runs from Kamloops, B.C. to the Alberta border is an engineering marvel that winds its way around impressive mountains, across rivers and through many small communities, connecting British Columbia to the rest of the country.” – Expanding the Trans-Canada Highway

Snow shed on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Driving inside the Snow shed.

“Snow sheds are designed to withstand the incredible forces involved with vast amounts of sliding snow, however they’re not meant to stop it. Instead, the sheds deflect the snow, allowing it to pass over top while traffic continues to flow underneath.” – Avalanche Safety – Shedding Light on the Snow Shed

“Travelling through Rogers Pass requires you to go through five long tunnels, which add a measure of protection from avalanches, although they can be a bit unnerving the first time. The lofty sensation of crossing Rogers Pass is one of the rewards for travelling here.” – Rogers Pass

“Rogers Pass (elevation 4,534 feet/1382 m) is located at the summit in Glacier National Park.-“Rogers Pass

Hwy 1’s Lanark Snow Shed is 316m long. 
Coquihalla’s Great Bear Snow Shed – 285m long
Twins Snow Shed on Hwy 1 – 188m long

Erik’s bed in the back of our vehicle. 

You can see our camper through the window.

We spent one night at Telte-Yet Campsite where we have camped before.
The address is 600 Water Ave HopeBritish Columbia V0X 1L0

We had a pull through site, without power or water, although there are sites with power and water. The campground has washrooms and friendly staff.
There is firewood for sale. Telte-Yet is just off the Trans Canada highway, so there is some Traffic and rail noise. It is within walking distance to some Restaurants.

Telte-Yet has scenic surroundings of the Fraser River and snow capped mountains.

More coming soon.

Erik’s Ferry Ride.

2015 Vacation


  1. Oh, I love road trips and You showed me a lovely one with beautiful photos. We have also in Finland wildlife corridors. They are excellent way to offer animals possibility to move to the other side of roads safely. Thank You.

    Happy weekend.

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