Fallen Tree.

Rocky Mountains.
The road to Sundre, Alberta, Canada.

We saw many wild horses in the Bearberry Valley.
Bearberry’s Wild Horses.
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We went camping over the Mother’s day weekend near Limestone Mountain, Alberta, Canada.

As we recently had snow and rain, the ground was still soggy, frozen and…


The camper’s stabilizers were on the ice.

We had the whole area to ourselves, mud and all.

Fortunately it was sunny and warm.

We have camped at this spot before, you can read about it here and here.

There was quite a bit of snow and ice.

The water was very cold.

There was hardly any wind.

It was very relaxing by the creek.

We heard many birds, especially Robins.

Snow mushrooms?

The Leanin’ tree had fallen.
You can read more about by clicking here.

We had very good weather.

It was very peaceful.

Erik had a ball as usual.

The first night we binge watched television till after twelve.

In the evenings I sat under a wool blanket, wearing gloves, a tracksuit, woolen socks, a woolen hat, jacket and Sorel Glacier XT Snow Boots.

Relaxing in the hammock with happy Erik on guard.

We had friends join us who added Fire Color Changing Powder to the fire one evening.

Breakfast of Sausages and bacon fried on a 14″x 16″ Camp Chef Flat top griddle.
The Griddle is on a Single Burner Cast Iron propane Stove, but we also use it over the fire.

Scrambled eggs with green onions and grated cheese at the back.
Roasted bell pepper, onions, mushrooms and baby carrots in front.

A tree squirrel.

We thought this was a type of Loon, but when we got home we discovered that it was a Common Merganser drake.

“Common Mergansers are streamlined ducks that float gracefully down small rivers or shallow shorelines. The males are striking with clean white bodies, dark green heads, and a slender, serrated red bill. The elegant gray-bodied females have rich, cinnamon heads with a short crest. In summer, look for them leading ducklings from eddy to eddy along streams or standing on a flat rock in the middle of the current. These large ducks nest in hollow trees; in winter they form flocks on larger bodies of water.” – All About Birds. 

A Common Merganser Drake.

Common Mergansers drake and hen.

My friend took this photo of a butterfly sitting on my hand.

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The Leanin’ tree.
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The tree from the other side before it fell.
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    • It’s great for cross country skiing as well (not that I could do it.;-) Apparently the view from Limestone mountain is very good, but the road there is still too covered in snow.


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