Mixed Media Magnetic Coasters.

“Mixed media art refers to a visual art form that combines a variety of media in a single artwork. For example, if you draw with ink, then paint over it with watercolors, then add some highlights in colored pencil – that’s mixed media!”- Art is Fun

Tutorial – Mixed Media Magnet by Veena’s Magical World of Art and Craft

Possible supplies and tools. 
Left to right: Lock washers, Gesso, Gold and silver Acrylic paint, faces, felt coasters (used as stencils as well), chipboard shapes and a palette knife. See bottom of page for more.
You can make your own Gesso, it isn’t necessary to cover the Fimo clay with Gesso.

More possible supplies:
See bottom of page for more.
Pearlescent paint by Colorfactory available at Dollar stores, which I used instead of metallic paint and waxes.

You can also use:
DIY metallic paint
by The Frugal crafter Lindsay Weirich.


Make your own Metallic rub and buff! – DIY Alternative.

Depotting LA Colors Shimmering Loose eyes-hadows
(wear safety goggles)

More possible supplies gathered in a 13″ x 13″ Iris container: Polyfilla, coasters, small faces, Memory Maker set of three scrapbook templates, acrylic paint, Pearlescent paints, Gesso, chipboard shapes, washers, etc.  See the bottom of page for more.

I made some of the embellishment using clay molds by Amaco.
See bottom of page for more information.

How to use Silicon Mould with Different Materials???

Face Push Molds

I worked in a bead tray to contain the talcum powder, which prevents the clay from sticking.

These were made with oven bake clay which I got at a dollar store.

I placed them on parchment paper and baked them in an oven.

Planning the coasters before painting. On the left are metal stickers.

I turned the top photo into a sketch in a photo editing software, which I printed for later reference.

I used stencils, a palette knife and Polyfilla (a texture paste alternative) to apply texture to the coasters. I used the green stencil for the big coasters, the others were made with the felt coaster and a paper doily.

Embellishments painted black. Use an old bristle brush to get into the nooks and crannies.

“I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black.”

Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones

Coasters painted black. Hold up and tilt and the coasters to do the sides.

Planning placements again.

Glued together with hot glue.

I added some doodles with hot glue.

Technique: Paux Pewter Jewelry by the frugal crafter Lindsay Weirich

Close up.
Metallic butterfly stickers, lock washers, hot glue doodles, chipboard shapes, etc.

Close up.
Butterfly chipboard shape, hot glue doodles, paperclip curler, heart shape made in a mold, etc.

Close up.
Molded shapes, chipboard flourishes, etc.

Close up.
Paper dolly used for texture.
Face, Chipboard swirl, paperclip curl, etc.

Close up.
Hearst metallic sticker, felt coaster, chipboard shape, flat plastic gems, etc.

Close up.
Felt coaster, chipboard shape, metallic medallion sticker, etc.

Some of the other supplies and tools I used were: Tweezers (handling small embellies while applying hot glue), hot glue, paint-brushes, acrylic paint, Gesso, Greenbrier International Metallic Stickers, paper doilies, (used for stencil), paperclip swirls, washers, faux gemstones, magnets, etc.


Hearts and swirls push molds by Amaco. 

Glue gun.

Chipboard scrolls 2 by Maya Road.

Steampunk Tag by thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich

Anna Dabrowska, also known as Finnabair.

Andy Skinner.

Blackened Canvas Art – Ink Stains with Roni

Neelz Expressionz.

Bella’s Creative Space-  Belinda Basson

Altered Canvas Part 2 and Part 3 of Altered canvas by Mark Perry 

Blackened Canvas – Part II by Inkstains with Roni.


    • Thank you Matti, your positive feedback is much appreciated.
      My pleasure.♥ I did attach magnets to the backs, but I will put them on my magnetic board in my craft-room, they are quite heavy, so they might fall off when one opens and closes the fridge door.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it. That’s what’s so great about using coasters as smaal canvasses. It’s my pleasure, let me know when you take the plunge. 💕


    • Thank you Lisa, I’m glad you like it ♥
      I find very relaxing, except when the hot glue makes strings, sticks to the tweezers and burns my fingers 😉


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