My Creation Station.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”― Mary Lou Cook

I mostly do scrap-booking, make Tags, Hatpins and Mixed Media in my Happy Place.
In the winter I work upstairs in our home office, so that I have more natural light, it is warmer than My Craft-room, which is in the basement and I am closer to my family.

My most used supplies and tools are on the table, a good standing lamp for when it is cloudy and a lazy Susan with more supplies and tools. I use my magnetic (Inspiration) board on the wall to plan and photograph my layouts. (More about my Magnetic board.)

On my left is my Råskog, which also holds many supplies and on my right is a portable table.

You can read more about my Råskog by clicking here. I have rearranged my supplies, since the previous post.  I got my Råskog cart from Ikea, but similar carts are available from Michael’s, Walmart, etc.

Ikea sells Bygel containers, Antonius divided organizers and Wire Mesh Pencil Holders, which work well with the Råskog. Wire Mesh Pencil Holders are also available from Dollar stores, but Ikea’s fit nicely in the Antonius baskets. The Antonius is slightly smaller than the Råskog basket, but one can tuck things in at the back and the basket also prevents them from slipping down.

Some of my Bygel containers are different colors as I got them second-hand, the one’s holding my heat gun (Paint stripper tool) and glue Gun are plastic milk pitchers from the Dollar store. My Favorite wood mounted rubber-stamps are in the top-tier in an Antonius basket.

Most of my sprays are in the second tier, a magnetic basket with colored photo corners is attached to the side and I keep rags in the Bygel containers.

I found this painter’s bucket at a dollar store, it hooks over my cart and has space for my glue gun and glue sticks.

My favorite paints are in the bottom tier and I store my Paper trimmer under the tier.

I traced some of my templates with a permanent marker on opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheets as used for cooking. I got them at a Dollar-store. I then cut them out, punched holes in them with a hole punch and hung them from a shower curtain ring. They hang on a Magnetic hook form the Raskog. Click Scrap-booking Hints for more information.

I have added some portable shelves for more supplies, tools, etc.
It is amazing how much you can have within easy reach in a small space with careful planning.

I store Stickles, Distress inks, glitter/glue, etc. in Vanity Organizers for lipstick and nail polish. I store them upside down, they fit better and it helps keep the nozzles clear.
Scrap-booking Hints

I have some of my favorite acrylic stamps in a container.
Scrap-booking Hints

This was a Thrift-store find.
A 3 tiered wire rack in a tray on a Lazy Susan,
which holds small supplies tools, etc.
The wire baskets are from Ikea and Dollar-stores.
The top-tier holds Emory boards (which I use for sanding painted surfaces
and distressing), small scissors, etc.
Center is sticky notes, (used for masking) erasers and photo-corners.
Bottom tier holds Adhesive, eye-shadow applicators, etc.
In the tray at the bottom are my punches.

The stainless steel containers with photo corners are from Dollar-stores.

When it’s too cloudy to work I do Scrapbook planning and filing.

You can read more about my planning here.

I have my albums, files and some sewing supplies up stairs.

I gather possible supplies from my  My Craft-room in Iris® 13″x13″ Stackable Storage Boxes to bring upstairs.

Here I am making hatpins at my table.

Supplies and Tools

Alphabet stamps small.
Alphabet stencil.
Bone folder
Bulldog clips small.
Card stock scrap pack
Coloring Pencils
Craft Knife
Cutting mat.
Date stamp
Disposable containers
Embossing tools
Eye-shadow applicators
Emory boards
Eraser brush.
Glue Gun
Glue sticks
Ink pad holder.
Journal pens
Heat proof mat.
Hole punch small.
Magnetic spice holders
Metal magnetic baskets
Nail clipper Big

Nail Clipper small

Pen holder.
Pencil Eraser
Pencil holders.
Pencil sharpener
Pens (acid-free)
Photo Corners
Pop Dots
Retractable Eraser
Rubber Stamps Favorites
Ruler (Metal cork back)
Scissor Big
Scissor Edging
Scissor Small
Scissor Medium
Scrap paper
Stamp Cleaner
Tool-holder Tall
Wet wipes.

I♥ my Råskog.

My Craft-room. 

More about my Magnetic board.

Read and comment on Blogger. 


  1. Oh my. I have to go out and do errands, but I have bookmarked this post to come back and check out all the great links you’ve shared. I would love to be let loose in your creation station! It looks so well organized and most of all like a lot of fun. Have a lovely day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Errands, who needs them? ;-(
      I’m so glad you like my space, although it can sometimes get quite messy 😉
      The Raskog is great, I have to resist the impulse of getting another one. 😉
      Thank you, you too. ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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