“To soar with eagles all you need to do is
believe that you can fly.”

― Anthony T. Hincks

I made a 40 cm x 30 cm (15.748″ x 11.811″) Mixed Media canvas.
Close-up of canvas, spirograph gears, title, etc.
The title is attached to a painted coaster.
The plastic gears starting melting when I melted the UTEE 😉

The distressed Puzzle pieces were attached with hot glue.

A distressed pen nib, brads, chipboard shape (Fancy Pants Designs – Biggest Board Chipboard – Book ) , etc.

The Chipboard letters were covered with paint and embossing powder, which has been heated with a heat gun.

Distressed snap on a chipboard circle.

The texture was created with a Stencil and Lepage Poly Filla Instant Fast Drying Filler.
Polyfilla, a texture paste alternative.

My Inspiration was:
Mixed Media Tutorial Steampunk Tag
Video on YouTube by Anita van Merode
Steampunk Tag
on her Blog Anitas Creaties.

Planning my Layout.

I cut the gears from a green pool noodle, but I didn’t use them in the end as I felt they were too big, Press studs/snaps, puzzle pieces, stencils, chipboard shapes, spirograph gears, a pen nib, etc.

I made the hot air balloon with hot glue and a glue gun.
See Making Hot Glue Embellishments for more information.

Some of the supplies I used:

Sand, Melt Art Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE) by Ranger in Gold and Bronze, acrylic paint (Gold, Orange Black and other colors), Memories™ Mists (orange juice, Marguerita, etc., Canvas,  Fancy Pants Designs – Biggest Board Chipboard – Book It, Stencils, Lepage Poly Filla Instant Fast Drying Filler (You can also use Texture Paste),  palette knife, puzzle pieces,  chipboard scroll 2 by Maya Road,  chipboard alphabet, wooden numbers, Brads, tooth lock washers, paintbrushes, painter’s masking tape, tab from a can, ink-pads, eye shadow applicators, bead funnel tray, teaspoon, etc.

Source: Vintage Hot Air Balloon Coloring Page


Paint Technique used on the hot air-balloonAltered Halloween Books Tutorial, new and improved! by Better After.
Other techniques used were:
Faux Rust Painting -Quick, Easy and Cheap!
Heat embossing



Making Hot Glue Embellishments.


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