Pictures from the past.

In 2004 my Father gave me a shoe-box full of family photos, greeting cards, negatives, documents, etc.  Many of which he got from my Grandmother. These are just some of the treasures I have. Since then family members have also sent me some of their family photos to scrapbook.

As I have digital copies, I can print the photos and never use the originals.

Some of my scrap-books and photo albums, I have labeled some temporarily with a bulldog clip, as the labels change as I fill them up.

Some of my scrapbooks, you can see more here.

I make collages of the photos and mementos and use them as graphics for my blog. You can see how I make them here.

You can see more of my Grandmother’s cards here.

Mementos of my Grandmother.


One of the first layouts I made. 

Organizing and scanning Family Photos. 




  1. Dis wonderlik dat jy soveel fotos van jou familie het Linda. Dis iets wat baie kortkom in ons familie, of dalk sit ‘n ander familielid daarmee. Ek is bevrees ons is nie ‘n baie hegte familie nie.

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