Happy Autumn.

It started snowing yesterday afternoon and we are expecting 20 cm. more.
This was the view from our front door this morning.

The leaves have not fallen off the trees yet.

Our front door. We had no newspaper delivered today.
Our flower baskets and strawberries are heavy with snow.

The Land-Rover (Discovery 2) blanketed with snow.

No more camping this year (maybe….).

The view from our  top bedroom window.

The view from our bedroom window.

There are still ripe apples in the tree.

The view of our house from the street.

A neighbor’s car is parked in front of our house.

Wheelie bins in the snow.

Hubby clearing the snow from our Land-Rover with Erik giving advice.

Erik‘s tracks in the snow.

Hubby is making progress on the Land-Rover.

The windscreen is still frozen.

The road.

I’m glad we have a four-wheel drive vehicle

Our back yard taken from our lounge window.

Erik‘s tracks in the snow.

I suppose we will have to bring in the umbrella…

….and empty the fountain.

A  rope is tied to the tree to shake the tree (for snow to fall off the leaves so that the branches don’t break from the weight).

The snow on top of our deck’s Roof.

If you look carefully you can see that it is still snowing.

What will tomorrow look like ?


  1. Lovely photos…snow is two or three months away here in New Jersey, but I’ve been cutting paper snowflakes for the windows.

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