Making Hot Glue Embellishments.

These are some of the hot glue embellishments that I have made
to use for my scrap-booking and mixed media projects.

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Mannequin Doll Template.
Click on small images.
I printed the template on paper.
I worked on a glass sheet that I had.
Because I am working on a glass sheet I can turn it around.
I taped the template onto the glass sheet with painter’s tape.
I taped wax paper over the template.

Hint: I keep my glue gun in an empty tape dispenser.

This glue gun and sticks are available from Dollar-stores, but if you are planning to use a glue-gun more often, I suggest getting a better one.
I bought an ArtMinds™ Mini Glue Gun, Stylish Pattern, which works very well for gluing, but melts the glue too much for fine work. 

Heat gun for at least 5 minutes. Have glue sticks ready.
When the glue gun was hot enough, I traced the design with Hot glue on top of the wax paper.
I find it very relaxing to trace the lines.
Wait for the glue to harden.
Hint: Melt away the glue gun strings with a hairdryer.
Soak the clock in water to remove it from the wax-paper and clean the back with Rubbing alcohol, to remove the last bits of paper. Use tweezers to remove stubborn pieces of paper from inside the holes.
I covered the glue with layers of acid-free paint.
Please note, do not use Hot glue for photos, the heat and acidity can harm your photos.

Steampunk Gears Templates.

Hot air balloon. Click above for more information.
Hot air balloon.

Mixed Media Magnetic Coasters.

Mixed Media Magnetic Coasters.

Hot Glue Clock on paper.
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Hot Glue on Paper.
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I also use these clocks as masks.
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Hot-glue Clock on card-stock.
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Faux Wax seals made with hot glue.
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Faux Wax seal.
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: I use flexible plastic cutting board sheets for working with hot glue. I spray them with cooking spray and drop hot glue on them for making faux wax seals, pebble accents, etc. A few hours later I just peel them off.

Lace Masquerade Masks made with Hot glue.
Click above or more information.

Tips and Techniques – Create your Own Wax Seal.

Hot glue, alcohol ink and Powdered pearls.



How-To: Make Wax Seals with Hot Glue

Scrapbooking Tutorials.


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