Lace Masquerade Masks.

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I made some Lace Masquerade Masks, with netting and hot glue.

Lace masquerade mask tutorial (using hot glue!)
As suggested in the video, I used Wax paper instead of Cling wrap.

I worked on a glass sheet that I had.
These are some of the templates I used.

Masquerade Mask Coloring Pages.

Masquerade Masks Drawing.

Best 25+ Masquerade Mask Template Ideas On Pinterest 

I taped the template onto the glass sheet, then wax paper and then netting.

EDIT: I did find it hard to remove the tape from the glass afterwards, so I will use other tape next time.

Hint: I keep my glue gun in a tape dispenser.

When the glue gun was hot enough, I traced the design with Hot glue.
I find it very relaxing to trace the lines.

Because I am working on a glass sheet I can turn it around.

Best 25+ Masquerade Mask Template Ideas On Pinterest 

Hint: Melt away the glue gun strings with a hairdryer.

When I was satisfied, I removed the template and wax paper, I cut the mask out and the eyes open. I soaked the mask in hot water and molded it onto a brass mask that I have, you can also do it on your face.

I balanced the mask on a matchbox to paint.

I used a paintbrush and acrylic paint.

I decorated the mask with ribbon, feathers, sequins and Ranger Ink – Stickles Glitter Glue – Black Diamond. 

Making Hot Glue Embellishments.




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