Mono-printed Tags.

1-About Time

I made a few tags to try out mono-printing, which I think will be great for making customized backgrounds. I don’t have a gelatine plate and although one can make them, I thought I would first experiment the technique with what I have, to see if I like it.

“Also known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques , a monoprint is essentially a printed painting. The characteristic of this method is that no two prints are alike; although images can be similar, editioning is not possible.”-

Add many layers of paint for texture, I ended with the colors that I wanted. I love the texture. Remember to clean all tools and supplies as soon as possible.

Some of the supplies and tools I used were:

Kaisercraft – Stencils Template – Clock
I put down the stencil upside down.

 Clear Scraps – Mascils – 12 x 12 Masking Stencil – Sprockets Gears.

Possible large stencils/masks at reach in a magazine holder.

Possible smaller stencils/masks ready in a magazine holder.

A Rolling pin, covered with cling wrap (The cling wrap also adds a nice texture) Good quality card-stock (The card-stock did get wet and flaked a bit), a tag template, (Avery Manifold Inventory Tag 6.25 x 3.12-Inches), foam mat, Stencils/masks, scrap paper, acrylic paint in many colors,  paper trimmer, pencil, ink-pad, fibers, small hole punch, eye-shadow applicator, a glass-sheet (To work on) Garbage bag, paper towel, etc.

I worked on a foam mat. You can also work on a glass sheet or silicone sheet. Squirt a few drops of different colored paint onto the mat and spread with a rolling pin.

I used a rolling pin covered with cling-wrap, but you can also use a brayer.

I worked on a green glass sheet to protect my table. Press the card down onto the paint, smooth down lightly and remove carefully.

Have an area ready for paint covered tools and supplies. Place stencils on top of the paint mixture and cover with card-stock. See the YouTube video further.

I used a piece of scrap paper over the card-stock, as the tag did get wet.

Easy Layered Gel Printing Techniques!

Technique Tags. 


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