Camping in Autumn.

We went random camping near Limestone Mountain and Limestone Creek near Sundre, Alberta for a few days again. We camped at the spot we call “A room with a view.”

The squirrels are starting to accept us, here one is on my chair.

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This one even climbed up the stairs to our camper.
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Limestone Mountain is a minor peak, more like an outlier of The Wedge, than a separate summit. This peak is the runt of the Opal Range, but it is an officially named summit. This little peak only reaches 2173 metres (7,129ft.) and has very little prominence from its larger neighbour. From the shared col with The Wedge, the elevation gain to the summit of Limestone Mountain is only 53 metres.“- Summitpost

The fall colors were beautiful. Viewpoint on the way to  Limestone Mountain.

The weather was perfect for this time of year. Viewpoint on the way to  Limestone Mountain.

Taken from a bridge on the way to  Limestone Mountain.

Happy dogs.

The two bro’s Skokijan and Erik.

Best friends.


 Erik hogging my blanket.

We were the only campers in the area.

There was hardly any wind. 

The dogs had a great time, as always.

Warming Crocs by the fire.

Are you looking at me?

Boots warming by the fire.

Kris .

Erik  and hubby on the quad.

Erik  in he’s chair.

We had beautiful clear skies.

Our television.

It wasn’t too cold, but it’s still nice to have a fire. The night-skies were fantastic.
Erik woke us up one night and we saw the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.

No trip is complete without seeing the Wild Horses of Alberta.

A pregnant mare.

A stallion.

“The Wild Horses of Alberta Society (WHOAS) was formed as a nonprofit society in 2002 after public outcry over the destruction of several wild horses that lived in the foothills and mountains of the Eastern slopes of Alberta. For the past 13 years WHOAS has been working on solutions for wild horse population management and has always felt that the Alberta wild horses require proper management and protection.”– Wild Horses of Alberta


A room with a view.


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