A room with a view.

We went random camping near Limestone Mountain and Limestone Creek near Sundre, Alberta for a few days again. We have gone camping in this area before, you can read about the post here. We have named it Room with a view and it was spotless when we arrived.

“Random camping is camping on public lands that are open to the public but do not have any recreational or campground improvements – roughing it, so to speak. The advantages are many. In a day when campgrounds look and sound like parking lots, random camping allows the bicycle tourer to have a peaceful and quiet evening and night after a day of riding. Random camping allows you to experience the natural world in a manner that is often precluded in developed campgrounds. And random camping is free. ” – Bike forums

The weather was perfect and the bugs weren’t too bad.

We love our Zero Gravity Chairs.

View from my chair.

Kris dozing off.

I thought of naming this spot leanin’ tree, but I don’t think this tree is going to lean for long.

Erik going for a ride on the quad.

There were very few other people, probably because it was during the week. Almost a park setting!!

I wonder how that sign got there.

Our campsite from the other side.

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The leaves are turning due to the heat and dry weather.

Our camp television.

Happy dogs.

Leanin’ tree from the other side 

Look at that reflection!

Erik in daddy’s chair.

Erik getting comfortable.

Breakfast with a view.

Skokijan lazing in the sun.

 Erik  on he’s chair by the fire.

Me watching camp television.

 We had stunning night-skies.

Our cabin on wheels at night, the fire is reflecting on the front. The ramp is for the dogs.

Erik in the clear water.

Erik fishin’

Hubby and the dogs braving the cold water.

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The squirrels ran through our camp, right past the dogs.


I made some more wire and bead embellishments for my Memory Books.

“The Wild Horses of Alberta Society (WHOAS) was formed as a nonprofit society in 2002 after public outcry over the destruction of several wild horses that lived in the foothills and mountains of the Eastern slopes of Alberta. For the past 13 years WHOAS has been working on solutions for wild horse population management and has always felt that the Alberta wild horses require proper management and protection.”– Wild Horses of Alberta

Limestone Mountain.
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Heritage Day Long Weekend

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Random camping

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Canada Day Long Weekend.

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    • It is ♥
      Ja, dit is hoe hy sy naam gekry het, maar hy is glad nie ‘n Skokijan nie, hy is eerder ‘n ou sooke. Die Kanadese noem hom Skoki (Soos Koki) Ons het in die begin rondgespeel met die spelling, maar besluit die was die maklikste. 😉
      Ek het nou weer op YouTube gekyk, daar is soveel verskilende opnames. Dit is nogal interesant. Ek het ook weer gelees oor die geskiedenis daarvan.
      Die klein-kinders het onlangs vir ons kom kuier, toe speel ek vir hulle die Louis Armstrong se weergawe.


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