Doggy heaven.

We went camping again at one of our favorite places next to the James River near Sundre, Alberta, Canada.

We saw some of the wild horses of Alberta (WHOA) again, you can read more about them here. If you look carefully you can see a bird on its neck, he was also limping (right back leg).

The weather was very good.

The sunsets stunning.

A night shot of the James river.

Getting crowded in there with Erik growing up fast.

The “stare”.

What a “pretty picture” of the man.

Alice in Wonderland’s staircase to somewhere.

It’s a Bear ! No, its only Erik.

Guarding the camp and my pack at night.

Dingo on the move!

A dog’s life is difficult in the “wild”.

A lazy, relaxing afternoon in the hammock.

A man’s gotta sleep sometimes!

Must guard the entrance to the cabin on wheels.

Oh sweet sleep on my pillow.   (Erik)

A beaver pond close to the camp.

Looking for the beaver!

Birds at the beaver pond.

Must protect my human!!

Erik in a hammock.

Tok made some more hatpins and a monogram D from wire and beads to use in scrapbooking.

Tok also made some Beaded flowers, using a tutorial from the bookTeach Yourself VISUALLY Scrapbooking” Paperback – by Rebecca Ludens (Author), Jennifer Schmidt (Author)

Coming home to Calgary there was some ominous clouds on the prairie.

The prairie.


  1. Beautiful forest photos, the dogs are delightful! Thank you for sharing this peak into a wonderful forested vacation!

    Liked by 1 person

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