Crafting while camping.

You can see more of our camping trip here.

1-dsc_0547I made some more Hatpins and a beaded princess on our last camping trip.

I use a plastic Plano toolbox.

My tools and supplies are in the top tray.
Wire in different colors and gauges, wire cutters, round nose pliers, pliers, a small hammer, scissors, needle, thread, a ruler, pegs, glue, a funnel tray, etc.

Craft-boxes with different colors, shapes and sizes of beads, charms, Butterfly Earring Backs Stoppers, more wire, containers for finished projects, etc.

I have tried to sort most of the beads into different colors in Clear Plastic Craft Boxes.

Unfortunately my chair didn’t work under the table, but I put it next to the table and worked in a tray.  The tray is the SMULA from Ikea, but is a bit wide to fit on my lap between the chair’s armrest, so I will replace it with a smaller one. It is still a bit chilly so I sit under a blanket.

Everything is within arm reach, so that I don’t have to get up.

I use small containers to prevent beads, etc. from rolling around in the tray while I’m working. I use the pegs to hold the pin in place and prevent beads from sliding out while I select the next bead. I keep the finished beads in a small container.

I found it very relaxing.

Erik also wants to do crafts.

Erik jumping on my lap, while I am trying to work with beads.


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Scrapbooking while camping.


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