Mementos of my Grandmother.

My grandmother Pieteriza Cilliers Van Ellewee. (7.10.01- 7.7.1992)
Circa 1919. South Africa.
All rights reserved ©

My Grandmother  kept a lot of photos, documents, negatives and mementos, which my Dad passed onto me. Many of the postcards have handwriting on the back. Please contact me here, if you have any additional information or if you would like to use this content. Please don’t copy this material but rather put a link back to my Blog.

Rotary Photo Co.


Calling Card Front.


Calling card Back.

A. Shoyer was a commercial photographer active in South Africa. He had a studios at: Long and Loop Streets, Cape Town 1878-88; 43 Grave Street, Cape Town 1882-88; 1255 Eloff Street, Johannesburg 1889-91. Shoyer also have had studios with his brother at: 77 Loop Street and 27 Adderley Street, Cape Town 1888-94 (Bensusan 1963, p.247).” – Cambridge University Library.

Williams front

Calling or cabinet Card Front.
Williams back
Calling or cabinet Card Back.
Williams & Williams, Arcade Studio, Newport & Osborne Road, Pontypool,
Carte de Visite or CDVs (ca 1859)
“CDV stands for carte de visite, a photographic calling card. The CDV process, which began in France in 1854, involved a special camera that produced eight poses on one negative. The CDV quickly replaced the old glass images of the ambrotypes, producing a card the size of the then standard calling card, around 2.5 by 4”. The CDV’s albumen process produced a negative from which any number of prints could be made – and on early CDVs it was important for the photographer to note that more prints were always available. CDVs arrived in the United States around 1859, on the eve of the Civil War (1861-1865) during which demand skyrocketed as soldiers and their loved ones sought an affordable image remembrance. Many people began collecting portraits of political figures, actors and actresses, Civil War generals, as well as family and friends. Special photo albums were designed especially for cartes-de-visite. In the United States, the carte-de-visite played second fiddle to cheaper variations on the daguerreotype theme. Thus the early CDVs are rather uncommon.” – Types of Early Photographs


Rotary Photo Co.


Back: From: My Grand Mother’s sister Johanna to her brother Frans.



Back From: My grandfather Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit to my Grandmother Pieterisa.


Birthday Wishes in Dutch.

Back of Birthday Wishes.
Gepubliceerd door Allan Macfarlane Kopijrecht.
Published by Allen Macfarlane Copyright,
From: Nelly (Petronella van Ellewee)
To: Hannie (Johanna van Ellewee)
My Grandmother Pieterisa’s two sisters.

Uw Bewaarder Zal niet sluimeren. Ps. 121:3
He who watches over you will not slumber.

Back: From: Pietresa van Ellewee to her mother on her 58 th birthday.


Botany Bay and Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa
Botany Bay is now known Bantry Bay.


Sea Point from West, Cape, South Africa.

Back: Written to my Grandfather Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit from he’s cousin Maatjie.
Dated 21 December 1917


“Herdenking aan die Anglo Boer Oorlog” 1899-1900
(Commemoration of the Anglo Boer War)

The Photograph is 10″ x 8″ and there is nothing written on the back.
Links na regs Bo: Major Erasmus, Generaal H. Schoeman-Pretoria, Generaal JHM Kock- Potchefstroom, Field Kornet Koetzee -Burghers
Twede Ry: Generaal Hans Erasmus- Rhoode Hois Pretoria, Generaal De Villebois Mareuil, Generaal Schalk Burger, Generaal P.A. Cronje, Generaal Pretorius,
Middel: HOQ ED M.T Steyn-President O.F.S, Commandant – Kommandant General P.J. Joubert, HOQ ED S.J.P Kruger President S.A.R
Vierde Ry: Kommandant D. Schutte, F.W. Reitz-Staats Sec Ry, Kommandant Malan, D. Leyds, Artillerie Kom F.T Richard
Onder: Kom. J Du Plessis de Beer-Wonderboom, Kom Hans Botha-Zwartkop, Kom J.D Weilbach-Potchefstroom en Langer Nek, Kom. G. Engelbrecht-Sanderton Oost van Pretoria.


Cropped corner from “Herdenking aan die Anglo Boer Oorlog” 1899-1900.
Click here more photos and information. 

(The Artistic Photo enlargement, Co. Factory for Portrait Painting and picture frames, Church Street, Cape Town, South-Africa.)

“Sepia photograph of composite photographs of 21 Boer generals. By: C. Budricks: The Artistic Photo enlargement, Co. Fabrick for Portrait and picture frames, Church Street, Cape Town, South-Africa. “


My Grandmother went to school in the Wallenkraal district of Namaqualand (Namakwaland)


“Mother Siegel’s Curative Syrup contained tincture of capsicum, along with dilute hydrochloric acid, aloe, and water. It was touted as “a cure for impurities in the blood” as well as “a cure for dyspepsia and liver complaints.” The advertising copy, which ignored the tincture of capsicum, read: “So let’s get rid of the smoke by putting out the fire, and purify our blood with Mother Siegel’s Syrup, which will sweep away the poisons and make us healthy and strong.” – Fiery foods central.


Lutheran Church, Windhoek, Namibia.


Back To my Grandmother, Pieteriza Cilliers van Ellewee From her sister, Johanna Van Zyl née van Ellewee. Postage stamp Keimoes. Date: 1 July 1928


Eendrag maak mag.
Leuse van die ou Transvaalse Boererepubliek
(Unity is strength.)
Kobus Esterhuizen.


Front Advertisement: Thom & Potgieter Wagon makers, P.K. Bus 18 Noorder Paarl, Cape, South Africa. Telefoon 19.


The Wagonmaker’s Museum tells of one of the most prosperous industries in historic Paarl. Wagon making developed from a number of one-man workshops into a full industry with large factories. Especially during the Anglo Boer War and the years following that, the factories worked around the clock to meet the demands. However, after 1914 and with the advent of the motor car era, the wagon making industry declined very rapidly. The museum preserves the glory of these romantic days and is well worth a visit.” I love South Africa Blogger.


Pageant of South African : Court of Portugal Scene (1910)
Cape Town Limited no.1.
Cape Town in the Twentieth Century: An Illustrated Social History By Vivian Bickford-Smith, E. Van Heyningen, Nigel Worden


Back: To: J. P van Ellewee (My Grand Mother’s brother) Grootbrakfontein, Garies, Namakwaland, South Africa. From: He’s sister, Sarah  van Ellewee.


Plucking tea Nectar Tea Company.

Back: From My Grandmother Pieteriza to her sister Johanna.



Postcard to My Grand Mother Pieteriza, Du Toits Kloof Pass, near Paarl, Cape, South Africa  Date stamp 30.8. 1963 From: Her niece
14 de laan, no 7 Malvern.


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Union of South Africa Postage Stamps

1-Adderley Street

More of Grandmother’s Cards.

Grandmother’s Cards


Cards from the past.



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