Erik is a male Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie hybrid a.k.a. “Blue Border Heeler”.
Born 9.2.2017

Here he is at two weeks and white except for the mask.

Erik with he’s brothers and sisters.

Mom at 18 months (66%  ACD and  33% border collie)  dad at 13 months (100% ACD). Was an unplanned teenage pregnancy and now we have an electric ant on steroids!!

Erik’s first day home at 8 weeks and changing into a blue boy.

Already taking over Skokijan‘s bed.

I believe the saying is “let sleeping dogs be”

Now you have awaken the dingo in him

No privacy in this world for a poor dog.


December 2017


December 2017


    • Dit lyk my so. Erik lyk sovêr redelik kalm, maar ek dink ons het ook al baie geleer. Vir ons is hy ‘n metgesel, maar hy sal gaan vir opleiding, soos “search and rescue”, agility”, “obedience”, ens. soos ons ander honde.
      Ons sal maar sien wat doen hy met die beeste, perde, bokke, ens. waar ons kamp, maar ons het ook al ons ander honde goed geleer, hulle mag nie eers blaf nie.


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