Uvongo Beach.


I scrap-booked one 12″ x 12″ page using a photo of myself from the seventies. The photo was taken on Uvongo Beach, Zululand, South Africa. My bathing suit had brown, black and white stripes, The photo was taken by my father. There is more information on the tag. My inspiration was “By the Shore” by Darlynn Kaso from the Memory Maker”s magazine Scrapbook Idea Gallery Volume 5.


Close up of charms.

1-dsc_0031Close up of fibers, charms, shells, etc.

Possible supplies gathered in a 13″x 13″ Iris® Scrapbook Case.

Some of the other supplies I used were:
Ribbon, fibers charms, card-stock, foam stamps, shells, brown alcohol/acrylic mist,  a brad, Stencil, an index card, tag template, alpha stamps, photo corners, Brown calligraphy pen, K&Company Smash Stick, etc.

Rubbing alcohol
 or isopropyl alcohol.  Should be used in a well-ventilated area due to inhalation hazards. Poisoning can occur from ingestion, inhalation, absorption, or consumption of rubbing alcohol.

Envelope writing sheet template by Cathe Holden from JustsomethingImade.com
DIY: Alcohol Ink Sprays

I made Hand decorated paper, with watercolors and rock-salt. Click on photo for more information. Please note that Rock salt is corrosive and should not come in contact with original photos, memorabilia, etc.


I made my own mist by mixing a little bit of Brown acrylic paint with alcohol. I bought the bottle at a Dollar-store filled with alcohol. Alcool is French for Alcohol.

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  1. Another winner!! Did you have the tiny shells? Did they come from that trip to Durban? I think I remember buying bracelets made out of shells from Ousies selling stuff on the beaches, or is that a false memory?

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    • I’m glad you like it 😉
      It brings back great memories, the small shells comes from a necklace that I got at VV Boutique.
      I remember when we stayed in Uvongo, we had to wear beaded necklaces in the hotel and do all crazy stuff like walk backwards into the dining room, etc. The Ousies sold beads, etc. on the beaches as I am sure they still do.


  2. A memory well-worth preserving in this form. Those tiny shells are easily overlooked by most beachcombers because they look like the shingle they are usually mixed with. I built up a collection of miniature shells as a boy, and they were amazingly varied. Some needed a magnifying glass to see properly.

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    • We also love collecting shells and we brought quite a few with us, but these are nice because they have holes drilled into them so they can be worn as necklaces. I’m sure they sell the same on South African beaches.


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