Past Midnight.


I created one 12″ x 12″ scrapbook page using a photo of a ballet group dance I was in as a teenager. You can read more about the photo here. My inspiration for the layout was “Happy Hauntings” by Leica Forrest from the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine, Fall 2008.


Close up of the coffin tags and tombstones. My inspiration for the coffins were Coffin Treat set by Debra Wabbe from the Papercrafts Sept/Oct 2013 magazine. The white tags have more information about the photo. I used black wool for the tags, the Brads were brass colored, but I painted them with black nail polish. I colored white gauze with black die for the background. A smaller copy of the certificate is tucked behind the photo. I used a small foam stamp for the bat.I used a toothbrush and diluted black paint to splatter the background.


Freebie: Tombstone Template & Other Fall Printables

Boo Coffin Tag template. 


Some of the possible supplies gathered in a 13″x 13″ Iris® Scrapbook Case.


I try to tidy up my table before I start on a new layout, the Iris® Scrapbook Case is on the left, my most used supplies are on the table and my Råskog with more supplies is on my left.


I used an alphabet stencil, ink and eye-shadow applicator for the title, I painted the purple spiderweb Halloween mesh white for the tag. The ghost was made using a foam stamp and white ink.

You can read more about the photo here.


I would ❤️ to hear from you.

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