Crows in our Crab-apple tree, on our lawn, in the street and on the roofs.


They moved down the street, from one crab apple tree to the next, damaging the crop, stripping the tree almost bare.

These guys got way too much smarts for my liking

“Crows are black birds known for their intelligence and adaptability, and for their loud, harsh “caw.” They also have a reputation for damaging crops; however, their impact may be less than previously thought. ” – Live science.


Raven Tutorial by Louise’s Graphics


What a mean stare…


Damaging the crop of crappy apples.



Walking down the street on their way to murder the next crab-apple tree.


After we chased them away, they kept coming back and back and back…


They just take a peck out of a Crab-apple and then leave it.



“Crabapples are distinguished by their less-than-golf ball size and their tart, bitter flesh. Coloring varies depending on variety but expect variances of red, ruby, pink and gold with apple stems as long as the length of the fruit itself. The two general attributes all Crabapple varieties share is their petite ornamental size and their high acid content. Crabapples’ flesh is ivory to creamy, semi-starchy and considered inedible raw. Dark seeds fill the Crabapple core, leaving very little flesh available for culinary use. ” – Specialty produce.


Not our street but still enough to scare the pants of me.

The Birds (1963) trailer

For the Birds


    • Veral as daar baie is.
      Ons sinne is nogal lekker en dra besonder goed, maar ek dink dit is ingeënt.

      ‘n Paar jaar gelede kom hier ‘n Gypsy ouma verby en tel hulle van die grond af op, sy kan nie Engels praat nie, toe het ons het haar ‘n stok en kraak- sakke gegee, nou kom sy een maal ‘n week verby en maak sakke vol, sy lê hulle seker in.

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