Black Squirrels.


Two Black Tree squirrels have moved into our backyard, they are quite skittish and move very fast. The other  Brown Tree Squirrels are also still around.


“Calgary is home to three species of tree squirrels, but it’s the Eastern Grey Squirrel that’s most dominant in the City. This introduced species is quite large and may have grey, black or brown colored fur.” – The city of Calgary


They sure can move when it’s starts to hail.


It’s hailing !

Not sure where to go to while it’s hailing.


“The black squirrel occurs as a melanistic subgroup of the eastern gray squirrel and of the fox squirrel.[1] They are common in the Midwestern United States, eastern Canada, and parts of the Northeastern United States and the United Kingdom.” – Wikipedia

Besides running along the fence they spend most of their time in these trees.


Nest taken a few days ago.

“Leaf nests are constructed from various twigs, leaves, moss and other material. To start, twigs are loosely woven together to make up the floor of the nest. Next, squirrels create more stability by packing damp leaves and moss on top of the twig platform to reinforce the structure. Then a spherical frame is woven around the base, which creates the outer shell. The final touches include stuffing in leaves, moss, twigs and sometimes even paper to build up the outer shell of the new home.” – Animals

“The inner cavity of its leaf nest is about six to eight inches in diameter and lined with more material, usually shredded bark, grass and leaves. However, some squirrel species, including Gray Squirrels, can have nests that are much larger. Some nest cavities can span 2 feet wide!” –Animals


The real squirrel nest construction boom happens during the fall. While many wild birds and animals are migrating to avoid the colder winter months, squirrels are busy collecting material and assembling strong, secure nests that can make it through a blustery winter.” – Birdfeeders

We have observed them eating seeds dropped from the bird feeder.


Eating bird seed.


They also eat Crab-apples from the tree in the front yard.

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